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Leon Duncan. Duncan, Leon L. Duncan, and George R. Duncan, Sn, Washington, Mo. Two lines leading to the bulk tank -from Ithe "main vacuum line being provide'diin order to allow for quick assembly and disassem'bly of vacuum lines, milk lines and wash lines,etc. As shown the milk lines '22 and 24 lead from the sets of teat'cups to the interior of 'tan'kllis. Additionally there has been provided a' cold water line 26, ""hot water line '28 andsoap dispenser On the upper :portion or top are the removable covers 32, and "36 -are provided.

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Cover '32 supports the milk lines '22 'and "2'4 and vacuum'li-ne A'rh'eostat'or othertype of switch42 is mounted on the motor for turning on or turning oft" the motor and for'regulating the speed thereof. A further object is the provision of :an automatic -re- I lease means for releasing the wash "water after the'wa's hing operation has been co'mpleted, or-during th'e several stages ofthe washing op'eration.

Another object of -'the invention is to provide-agitator means including a scoop which :is adapted torunrin at least'two speeds. A further object is to provide meanswh'erebyzt'he agi- "tator means will isplatter liquid in all directions in :the tank. Another object :is to Eprovide agitator means located near the bottom of the tank which bya screw action forces the :liquid upward, the speed -there'of. A further ohjectiis toprovide a source'of vacuum for milking and filling the bulk tank, and for applying vacuum during washing.

Other objects 'will appear hereinafter throughout :the specification. Figure '5 is a section taken on the line " of Figure 4. Referringsnow to the drawings A Figure? The milkparl'or has a stall construction 10 'for-aplurality of animals, twob'eing'illustrated. Extending "longitudi'nallyof themilk ,p'atlo'r is 'a vacuum line 12'from a milking mea'ns, 'not'sh'own, said line having branchlines 14 leading to the sets of teat cups Adjacent the lower end of the tank is a smaller 'stirrer T his stirrer as shown is located somewhat closely adjacent to the bottom of the tank for thepurpose of agitating continuouslythe heavier :portions of theimilk during and afterthe milk operation; and also after the tank.

A approximately 36 R. At approximately R. The tank sis-of the dual, wall. A cooling medium. Such cooling constructions. Dun-canPatents Nos. Patent 24, As shown'inbothiigures an outlet conduit from the innercas'ing-is shown at Additionally the s'ha'ft' l fis sea'lediat 6. A pipe 76 has valve 17,8 that may be manually operated to break the vacuum 'in 'tank casing " Extending in "a somewhat 'cir crilar.

The trailin'g edges are shown 3 at 93 and 91 respectively and bei ya kusafisha meno, it will be noted, are located more closely adjacent the shaft than the advancing edges 92 and By reference to Figures 1, 3 and 5, it will be seen that the blades form sections of spirals with the advancing edges and surfaces lying adjacent thereto being lower than the trailing edges and their adjacent surfaces. This structure when rapidly rotated during the washing operation causes the liquid in the tank to be forced into all corners of the milk tank, such as where ends 60 and 62 are connected to the cylindrical portion 66 of the tank.

It will be understood that the milk may be poured into the tank from cans or other containers instead of being led through the milk conduits from the milking apparatus to the tank.Koolway milk tanks are of the highest quality and are the most dependable in the milk cooling industry. When paired with Koolway scroll condensing units, Koolway milk tanks are engineered to provide a highly efficient milk cooling system.

The system automatically responds to changes in milk load, working harder when needed and conserving energy during lighter loads. All Koolway milk tanks are manufactured to exceed 3 A sanitary standards. You will get a stronger and longer evaporator life with laser-welded evaporators. Another improvement is an easier access to outlet valve with new patented design ladder. An external stainless steel wash pump is mounted on the tank and assures better and easier tank cleaning. Please note that this is a global webpage.

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Thank You. Used- Quality Containment Co. Used- 6 Compartment Rectangular Tank, Approximate. The ancient and enduring type of Zero bulk milk coolers is the cylindrical shaped model with horizontal stripings.

Typical of the Zero finishing is the shiny. Heritage Equipment provides a variety of fluid processing equipment including the Zero OL gallon refrigerated horizontal cylindrical bulk tank.

Zero · inch Milk Tank Valve ACME Thread - Bevel Seat · inch Thermometer for Mueller Tank Body · SNAP-CLAMP TRICLAMP STYLE · Disc Valve for Zero Milk.

GALLON BULK TANK. ZERO MODEL T SERIAL HORIZONTAL, CYLINDRICAL, DOMED TOP, SLOPED BOTTOM, JACKET, 1 1/2' OUTLET. Gallon ZERO Bulk Tank from Bid On Equipment. BOE offers an extensive inventory of competitively priced Milk Tanks and Vats. Does anyone have experience with 20 to 22" of vacuum in a Zero vac bulk tank? Will they take it or will they collapse? › wiki › Bulk_tank. In dairy farming a bulk milk cooling tank is a large storage tank for cooling and holding milk at a cold temperature until it can be picked up by a milk.

Does anybody know anything about ZERO Cooling milk tanks. I'm not sure of the age of the tank, but it has a digital thermostat on the. gallon Zero, Bulk Tank modelno agitator, does not hold pressure, level stick, 3 blade paddle, ″ clamp to bevel seat adaptor.

Aaron Equipment buys, sells, and trades Used- Zero Milk Cooling Tank, Model WV, Ga. Submit a quote for this Stainless Gal or call. Wholesale manufacturer and supplier of dairy bulk tank replacement parts, agitators and digital wash timers for Sunset, Boumatic, DeLaval, Mueller, Zero.

For sale is a gallon Zero Milk bulk tank. This purchase includes the compressor and pipeline. Pipeline and glass bowl is by DeLaval and. Milk tanks: 25 offers, search and find ads for new and used milk tanks for sale, milk cooler, Milk tanks, milk cooler Zero Typ G milk tank. Mueller · Gallon Mueller · Mueller · Gallon Mueller · Gallon Mueller with compressors · Gallon Mueller Milk Tank · Gallon Zero Milk.

Effective November 1, the farm bulk tank calibration service previously offered by Alberta Fill the calibration can to read zero at the. The Bulk Tank Milk Grader (BTMG) has a very important role in the dairy industry. Just as the The Milk Act stipulates zero tolerance for antibiotics in. Milk tank used nc Zero Typ G.

- 0 Tonnes - Ad n° Get the best deals on Bulk Milk Tank Dairy Cattle Supplies when you shop the largest online selection at Free shipping on many items | Browse your. st cloud farm & garden "gallon bulk tank" - craigslist. gallon dairy De Leval bulk tank with 2 compressors Gal Zero Bulk Tank.