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Register or Log In To remove these advertisements. Attached Images. Is there a special rivet for the VIN tags? I drilled and pulled mine so I could clean and repaint. I was just going to rivet them back on with ones I had laying around. Originally Posted by pimpston Is there anything you can't find? I doubt you'll get many responses to your question as these are supposed to be illegal for anyone other than an OEM to possess because non-restorers could cover up a stolen car.

What year is your Suburban? I don't think rosette rivets came into use until the mid model year at least for Pontiac nameplated vehicles. Originally Posted by spookylynx. Originally Posted by perro Originally Posted by VictoriaHardware. Originally Posted by Keith Seymore.

Originally Posted by aerotruk You can do it yourself with a file, take your time and they'll look just like original. Pimp, man you can find anything. You are going to have a nice burb when finished because that is some attention to detail right there. Good find!! Originally Posted by I'll try to remember to look tomorrow and see if my 65 are round or rosettes. Originally Posted by Jeff La. Originally Posted by Monte's When I bought my truck, somebody had replaced the original VIN tag rosette rivets with standard round ones.

I can't say for sure whether or not they had replaced the cab for a collision repair or just removed the tag to paint. The cab appeared to be original. However due to it being an older vehicle simple elevator model from another state, a highway patrolman was required to inspect it.

He agreed on our opinion of the VIN rivets but could have easily impounded the truck as stolen. Keep in mind that the sale and manufacturing of these is basically illegal. There was a EBAY seller a few years ago who was indicted on federal charges. Numerous threads on the subject have been closed.

This forum cannot take on the liability.Gain extra benefits by becoming a Supporting Member Click here find out how! Previous Bottom Next.

Send Private Topic View Profile. Email Report. New body shells are different. I would think those manufacturers are required to attach thier own cowl tag and provide an MSO Manufacturers Statement of Origin just like on new cars. I wouldn't think it would be legal to attach an original cowl tag to a new body shell. Previous Index Next. Execution time: 0.

Total Queries: 10 Zlib Compression is on. All times are GMT Pacific. Current time is AM Top. Attach Photos to Posts. Contact Us. My Cookies. Frequently Asked Questions. Forum Rules. Page 1 of 2. One prospective buyer has informed me that the VIN tag rivets are not the correct star shaped rivets. In my mind, there wasn't much point in tampering with the VIN tag before because the car wasn't worth much back then.

The cowl tag indicates the car was assembled in Los Angeles during the 2nd week of December,Barry Weeks. An opportunity to share in remembering the life of a great person. A pdf guide to help you search the Site. Stovebolt Calendars. Check for details! Search A pdf guide to help you search the Site. Old Truck Calendars Months of truck photos! Stovebolt Calendars Check for details! Key: AdminGlobal ModMod.

Rivets, Vehicle Trim Tag, 1936-77 GM, Pair

Most Online 1, Jan 21st, Image Posting Policy. VIN plate rivets. Joined: Aug Does anyone know where to find the tool used to install new rivets in a new VIN plate. My truck has the original plate but it is in rough shape and I need to do some welding next to it. Classic parts sells new plates and the rivets but I have been told that it is hard to find the tool that installs the rivets.

Would appreciate any help. Copy Link to Clipboard. Re: VIN plate rivets. Joined: Oct Clutch head screwdriver or sockets. Check on line. Most tool supply stores have them. Joined: Mar The newer ADs had hollow rivets.

I need to know how to cinch them up too. The older ADs had screws. Joined: Jun The early ADs used a small clutch-head screw that was 6-sided. Joined: Sep If you want to use this style original for later A-D yearsthey install from the outside by popping them with a small drift in the middle of the "rivet".

Last edited by tclederman; Thu Mar 19 AM. Reason: fixed bad link - thanks bartamos.I can't believe guys are still getting away with selling these.

I know, I know, this is always a hot topic but this sure opens the door for "fakes". Add to Watch list. If another seller has them cheaper, let me know and I will not only meet their price but I will beat it by. Hows that for buyer satisfaction! I have changed the listing price to attract more attention. The bag shown is just showing how many of these I have ready to sell. Feel free to email me if you have any questions.

Please see my other auctions. I have many quality hard to find parts up for auction. Thanks for looking and good luck. Data Plate shown in second picture is not included in the auction, it is just to demonstrate the rivets application. Its like looking the doors on your car The real thief can get in.

What the problem with new rivets after a restoration The car is either real or not This is why registries are so important for the Those are the trim tag rivets though, not the VIN rivets. I have a problem with those too but with those you can deceive much pellam ranku stories than you can if you cheat on a VIN tag.

This is why cars that are rotted beyond repair still demand relatively high prices - someone will take the tag and rebuilt another car. Then there is of course always the debate of how much of the original car do you have to save for it to still be the original car?

Tons of cars have had donor shells swapped, but swapping VIN's is still illegal. Some people swap firewalls to maintain the original VIN or even just cut the metal around the VINbut what really is that line in the sand. If I wanted to, I could hunt down a tag for my GTO that told you it was an original Judge and nobody would be the wiser. On this subject - what is the deal with guys that sell "ownerships" at the flea markets? Do they discreetly provide a VIN tag as well? What purpose does an ownership serve by itself?

Agreed-your car is an excellent example-luckily its the type of car where paperwork beyond factory stuff is availableyour car is incredible-excellent example of if you don't pay for numbers you won't get burned.

What do numbers mean? Your car is WAY better than some of the "paperwork" ones I've seen either they are pieced together with every aftermarket sheet metal part available or they have been "rebodied" with solid documentation to its originality!

Ownerships are generally sold at swap meets so someone can aquire a v.

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You would not believe how many fiberglass 32 Fords are out there with original ownerships! Here's one supplier. I just masked up my tag. Would have been nice to re and re it Didnt even realise you could buy those. My build thread! Starting over, My 67 Beaumont build thread.

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Vin Plate Rivet Set (NOS)

User Details.It would be important to check with other original Novas and nova owners to see how they were installed and what type you need. Replacement Vin Plate A Review. How to remove vin tag rivets. Removing a vin tag is a violation of federal law. A Shave the back of the rivets off and Glue the Tag back into place. However in section a of the code it is clearly stated that it is not illegal to remove the VIN tag with written authorization of the department.

Join the CCRC community to access a huge library of instructional classic car restoration videos. And for the naysayers it IS legal in some states to remove a VIN plate if ones intent is to reinstall it on the same vehicle amd it is being removed.

The best way to describe them is that you would need to clamp down on them with something like pliers to smash them and expand the end that goes inside the cowl. Just drive out the rivets and remove it. Vintage Parts USA. In section b it is stated that restoration of the VIN number is also allowed but again with permission of the. At per hour No Thank You. The nail doesnt usually breakso you will need to remove the gun and push the nail back thru. In some states its illegal to even have posession of the VIN rivets.

Different years often different types. If the rivets werent available we just used regular aluminum rivets of correct diameter. Ive reused the rivets VIN tags get removed and installed all the time during restorations.

VIN and Info plate alloy rivets and screws (set of 8)

B Cut around the tag mark the area on the the new firewall cut that out tig weld fill in grind and paint. Where can a person find replacement rivets for the VIN plate. Heres how to do it.

No way around that. The trim tag rivets are large and arent actually rivets. They dont have any holes in the middle of them and dont have a stud to pull through and expand them. With a fine punch you can usually knock the mandrel out of the center of the rivet sometimes a little grinding is necessary on the tube end just to relieve it. The California Vehicle Code states that it is illegal to remove the VIN tag for the purpose of fraud or other forms of misrepresentation. As long as you are not commiting fraud it is not a problem transferring the Vin tag.

Get frame powder coated 4. You can get much smaller diameter drill bits and move up thru the size until you just remove. Just because they believe that it had been removed and replaced I doubt the cars referred to in my initial post would be subjected to the state issued VIN numbers.All major shipping carriers are experiencing shipping delays due to high volume.

Orders may take days longer to arrive than normal. Special orders from American Honda are taking longer to arrive to our dealership. Due to manufacturer supply shortage we are experiencing more backorders. The diagram listed above is for your reference.

Vehicle Identification Number Plate Rivets (Pair) OEM 1979-1991

View diagram for your vehicle. Bolt, Flange 6X16 Guide. Bracket, FR. Fender RR. Bracket, L. Cover, Vin Plate. Dashboard Upper. Gusset, L. Pillar Lower Inner. Insulator, Dashboard Extension Upper. Nut, Flange 10MM. Nut, Paint Cutting 6MM. Separator, L. Wheelhouse Member Upper. For more information, please see our Honda Warranty Page.Started by lilbuddy Parts Wanted.

Started by yotacrawler4 Parts Wanted. Started by 79toy General 4WD Discussion. All Current Board Current Topic. Pages: [ 1 ] Go Down. I want to change my mangled, cracked in 4 places dash with a perfect one I have but the VIN tag is attached to the dash on toyota trucks with special rivets.

Does anyone know where I can find a couple of these VIN rivets?

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You can PM me if you don't want to publically post it. If this is inappropriate then moderators please remove. Quote from: 79coyotefrg on Dec 07,AM. I got it. I'll just pop them back in the same way in the new dash. Drill them out, and then take your new rivets and cut them with dykes the new ones. I did it a few times on honda's changing from stupid brown interior to gray or black. Never had any issues with cops, but then again I never had to do inspection.

The inspector wanted both dash tags removed, and in his hand. At that point he put the vin tag in the door. Did not cost anything, and I have no tag on the dash. He said any body checking VIN will just look in the door jam if its not on the dash. This would be the correct way, if it matters. Use normal rivets, if they ask just tell them what you did. After all your just trying to get a nice dashboard. Bring the donor dash tags to the CHP if you got them. Whatever you do don't use standard round rivets, you will get your truck impounded for V.

The entire time they hold it YOU will have to pay for the storage, the auto-theft detectives may take weeks to come out and verify your V. If you replace the dash do exactly as was suggested and get a replacement tag put in your door by the CHP. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for NOS VIN Tag Rosette 6 Sided Rivets Fits Most MOPAR Ford GM Chevy Etc.

at the best online. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Rivets for VIN tags at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products! of 53 results for "ROSETTE RIVETS" · Disco Automotive Aluminum Rivet Assortment · 16”Hand Rivet Nut Tool, Professional Rivet Nut Setter Kit with. Buy Vintage Name Plate Rivet (VPARIV1 Vin Tag/Set of 4): Gift Wrap Paper - ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases.

- F & Larger F-Series Trucks - VIN tag rivets - Anyone know where I can get factory style VIN tag rivets for my '78? Domer said: Removing a vin tag is a violation of federal law. No way around that. From what I'm gathering it is also illegal to sell the rivets. Here's a place that say they have vin tag rivets.

They're usually used on classic cars because the plate is pulled to clean and paint. I ordered enough rosette rivets to do the wiper vin tag, and now I'm second guessing myself. I looked on Google and most of the pics show. If the VIN or serial number on your vehicle, or the vehicle which you are buying or selling, has been removed and reinstalled on the car or.

Refreshing your VIN plate has never been easier thanks to a new pair of NOS VIN plate rosette rivets. Important: Correct for all vehicles. I hope this is the correct forum. I replaced the upper dash on my I kept the section with the VIN plate in it just in case someone says.

Hi, I'm looking for new rivets to hold my VIN plate on the windshield pillar post for my 71 Corvette. Anyone have any suggestions as to. C1 & C2 Corvettes - Poll on VIN Tag Rivets - Rosette vs Smooth Rivets - I am a new member to this forum so let me know if this kind of. Details. Product ID: ; Description: VIN Cowl Tag Rivets (pr) VIN Cowl Tag Rivets (pr).

Condition: New. WARNING: California Proposition I want to strip and repaint a '56 Meteor hard top. However, before I remove the vin tag and body tags I want to be able to rivet them back. Browse our full range of Rare Spares id tag rivets parts in engine bay. Australia's largest automotive restoration parts and accessories supplier.

Mopar: Factory Exact VIN Plate Rivets (NOS) Sold as a PAIR. You may also like. They do kind of look like generic pop rivets though An additional thought is, the VIN plate could have been removed and replaced during. Vin Plate Rivet. Also referred to by BMW as a notched nail. This rivet is sized to attach a Type Plate to your bike. Equivalent to BMW part # 51 14 1 Is there a special rivet for the VIN tags?

I drilled and pulled mine so I could clean and repaint. I was just going to rivet them back on.