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I admire the strong build along with the strong jaw line of Tenya Iida. No, I should be okay. I got patched up and went back to the classroom. Since I was by myself I decided to snoop around. I looked around and I noticed that Iida left his cell phone at his desk. Curiosity took over once I saw that his phone didn't have a lock.

He had hardly any contacts. I took out my phone and I put his number in my phone. I put the phone back before anyone started coming back. After about 15 minutes the other students began coming in for our final discussion for the day on how we can improve. Aizawa was a bit more harsh today with me for good reason. Mishaps like that can cost your life and possibly others. I don't blame you Tenya. The train was a bit crowded so we stood chest to chest.

Our size difference was a big one.

39: Tenya Iida - The Prince (Lemon)

I looked up at Iida and he looked focused on something. He suddenly moved a bit to have my back against the window with him closing me in. Once we got off he looked a bit irked, "Sorry again, an older man was looking at you in a strange way and was slowly making his way towards you.

I wanted to make sure that you were safe. I studied my quirk but my thoughts were halted as I felt a sharp pain in my stomach. I lift my shirt to look at my scar across my stomach. When I was young a villain got me and All Might saved me. The rescue wasn't on the news but I'll never forget it. The villain held onto me tightly as All Might killed it. It was so strong that All Might had to pry it's hand off of me. It started to get late and I remembered that I had Iida's number.This book will include every single kink and fetish I can find.

There will be multiple stories that repeat a kink but will be different. Daddy X prin Male x female reader Sensory depravation is taking away 1 or more of your basic senses.

You were a quirkless student visiting UA for your school article. Your tour was to be lead by Tenya Iida, 1A's class rep. He was perfectly on time and had a clipboard at ready. You followed him to class 1A for your interviews with the students. One by one you questioned them and found all of them were very easy to read.

Bakugou was a bit rude but it was more in a tsundere way. Midoriya was very nice, but spoke of nonsense when you asked about quirks.

Todoroki was very straightforward. Ururaka was flustered easily when you brought up dating. And grape boy Mineta stood at the door during all the interviews to stare at your tits. When it was his turn Iida sat beside you and had you wearing his spare oversized jacket to hide your curves.

Finally it got to Iida's interview. He took off his glasses to wipe them and you unconsciously stared at him. His eyelashes were long and he looked softer. When you bend over to pick it walnut bokken you accidently fall out of the desk. Iida rushes over and offers you a hand. Noticing your scratched up knee he effortlessly lifts onto the desk.

You try to calm your flustered self down as he pulls a first aid kit from the front desk. He wipes your knee and starts to wrap it up.

Tenya Iida x G/N!Reader (Smut)

You sigh "how uncool. When you are both eye to eye he notices your blush. Iida I didn't mean You start blushing again when you realize your boobs are pushed against his chest and your uninjured knee is in between his legs. You quickly go to apoligize but he tucks your hair behind your ear and you feel his hot breath against your neck.

You lean into him and he kisses you softly while tangling his hands in your hair. You support yourself with your hand on his chest and you arm against the floor.I will do lemons and Character x character. My friend requested this, hope he isn't ooc. Tenya Iida, a very square man, has been dating a very special girl. Iida loved her with all his heart, he didn't care about size or looks.

Even though he thinks she is amazingly beautiful, his heart skipped a beat everytime she smiled at him. They were so plush and squishy. Iida shakes away his dirty thoughts again, he scolded himself for acting this way.

He didn't know what was up with him today! Somehow he would have to tell her about this, maybe get her to cover up more or make sure her skirt doesn't go up. Are you okay? You're face is red! Just nervous is all" He smiles softly and fixes his glasses, glancing off to the side and pursing his lips.

The bell rang, meaning class was over, and everyone already poured out of the room. Iida started to scold bakugou for cussing and yelling at Midoriya.

She grabs her small purse, walking over and softly tapping iida on the shoulder. Iida glances over to see the small girl waiting for him, "I'll finish lecturing you tomorrow! Iida couldn't help but sometimes stare at her pretty face, before she noticed, and smiled wide at him.

Causing iida to quickly smile back and blush softly. Though he seemed pretty okay with iida, calling him 'son' at times. What is wrong with me! I respect her too much to keep doing this. I need to talk to her about it. This is kind of embarrassing, but I need to tell you.Dude I am sorry for making alot of you wait Again I'm sorry and have fun reading:.

So you could say I'm a female knock off version of him, we talk to Mom for about 2 hours and went back home. The next morning, I ran into the school and found Iida already in the class room I blushed and took my seat, in the corner of my eye I saw him looking at me, just staring I looked back at him, with a cute smile, my eyes were slightly opened, slightly closed, and I saw him blush and look away when the the rest of the class got in.

I have to confess now or someone will steal her Lust in her eyes. I got up and she kissed me! I quickly kissed back and grabbed her waist, she put her arms around my neck. I then picked her up by her thighs and set her on her bed She shared a room with Ashido but she went to a sleepover, I got on top of her, but she flipped us over and started to grind on my member.

I groaned and started to kiss her neck, she started to warm up. She quickly took her shorts off along with my shirt and pants. I finally put it in my mouth, bobbing my head up and down, while looking up at Iida. He groaned out in hiab 650 crane specs and grabbed my hair, I looked up and started to pull away. Tenya gave me a glare, until he quickly pulled me up onto the bed and pushed me onto my back, I looked at him and he had a smirk on his face.

He pulled off my panties and my bra, and threw them across the room, he then started to squeeze my boobs as he entered me. I moaned in pain, we waited for a minute but soon the pain went away and I moved my hips a little and moaned, he looked at me with a smirk and started to thrust in and out of me, he groaned every time I kissed him.

I noticed that he hit that one spot that makes every girl go crazy, I moaned so loud that I know im going to have dirty looks tomorrow. And in seconds we came together. His eyes went wide open, "Please say your on birth control I have no fucking idea The Watty Awards. Try Premium. Log in Sign Up. New Reading List. Again I'm sorry and have fun reading: bnha coolkids cutebabyboys hotbabyboys katsukibakugou kirishima lemon mha xreader.

Send to Friend. Where stories live. Discover now.A oneshot collection featuring all of the My Hero Academia guys we love, from students to teachers to heroes to villains Todoroki and Bakugou do feature in this oneshot book, how A fluffy lemon approaching!

And this is a fantasy AU so I won't be involving quirks. I worked as a maid in the large Iida castle, the Iida family ruling over our kingdom. The royal family were kind and loving, and despite being a much higher class than their servants they still treated us with kindness. When I was requested by Prince Tenya Iida himself, the youngest of the Iida princes, to be his personal maid I felt nothing but nerves as it meant I had to attend high-society events with him, and I had to be by his side practically all day every day.

When I had asked him why he chose me to be his personal servant, he simply replied 'Because I know I can trust you. Since becoming his made I had gotten to know him incredibly well, and whenever we were alone together he often told me that I needn't act so professional and official. Due to our close relationship, I could tell something was bothering him and I had a feeling it was to do with his brother Prince Tensei, as he was leading an army to battle against the Akaguro forces who were attempting to wipe out royal families.

Prince Tenya was incredibly close to his brother but he was, at present, too young to fight in an official war. I tried to assure him that Prince Tensei would be okay, especially now that we had joined forces with the Todoroki royal family. Naturally though he and his family were concerned and I was too, but I tried my hardest to keep Prince Tenya's spirits up. Then could you go to the kitchens and collect my food?

There was a sullen look on his face which made me a little nervous but I still smiled, remembering when he told me my smile comforted him. The king and queen seemed understanding and when I went down to the kitchens they already had his meal ready for him on a golden cart. When I entered his quarters yet again I saw him stood, staring out of the long windows that had a view of the castle gardens.

He knew it was me who had entered so I just quietly laid the table, ready for him. I couldn't help but smile and nod, taking the seat opposite him. I had dined with him like this a few times before, but I'd usually sit with the other higher-up maids whilst eating and breaking. Whenever I was sat with him in situations like this, I always found my eyes lingering on him perhaps a little longer than they should. It was undeniable that he was an attractive man, and no doubt that if he were the eldest child he'd make a fantastic king.

He was well-mannered, kind and had leadership skills.

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I envied his confidence, but being his personal maid had helped me build up my own. What for? My whole face heated up and I wasn't sure how to react. The Watty Awards.Iidas pov: I'm getting some work done! His dorm is the farthest away from people's, there aren't many students that go to where his dorm is at. Let's go. I walk out of my dorm. I'm wearing some short shorts with a small lose shirt on. I knock on his door. I walk in and close the door behind me and I lock it with a little click.

Iida pov: She locked the door, I'm a tad bit curious why she did I think as I continue to work. I knew exactly why she came here.

I think he knows what I want.

My Hero Academia- One shots...

I walked up to his self of glasses and picked one up. I "accidentally" dropped it and it made a little thud on the floor. He slowly turns his chair to see me bending over to get his glasses. It helps that I have very tight and very short shorts on. Once I got back up Iida swiftly turned around and got back to work. Oh yeah. I wanna coallia 95 something?

I place myself down in a very sexual position under the bed so I can get his attention "iida baby I can't fond the remote" i say from underneath the bed. Iidas pov: "Well did you check on the dres-" I cut myself off as I see her in that position. Hold on let me help you" I say as I grab her from her waist and pull her from under the bed. She gets out from the bed and lands on my lap.

He'll yeah let's go baby I nod my head to say yes, but Iida lifts my legs to where his groin his right up against me. His tongue and my tongue wrestle together as I try to grind on him.

He breaks away for second to pick me up from the floor. He lifts me up as I wrap my legs around him and kisses me. He throws me down onto the bed as he kisses my neck going down. Concrete water tank construction off my shirt and bra he grabs my breast as he sucks on one and massages the other. I push him off to get his black shirt off. I sit on his lap as I grind on him as we make out. I pull away as I slither down and pull down his sweats and palm him through his boxers.

I start to jerk him off while I kiss the tip of him. I slowly put him into my mouth. My tongue swirling around the tip of him. I keep on doing that for a bit till I take it out with a little pop.

Kissing my lips, neck, breast, stomach. He slowly takes off my shorts and panties. His tongue roams around there as he fucks me with his tongue.Hello and welcome to my first fanfiction books.

I will be taking requests from everyone if you want and don I will be taking requests from everyone if you want and don't be afraid! I won't be judging any of Sorry I took so long but I will try and publish more and I'm still taking requests and suggestions so don't be afraid to send me more feedback!

Warnings: spanking, bondage, degradation if you squint, gag, more? The red ropes of thread dug into your skin as they got tighter around your breasts.

A little moan escaped your mouth which was soon silenced by a calloused hand gripping your thigh and inching closer to your hole. The firm voice of your boyfriend was loud and clear and immediately made you look up at him. Tenya Iida. Gorgeous cock hardened and ready to shove inside you at any given time. A tug on the lead around your neck brought you able to life. You closed your mouth to stop drooling, not noticing the streams of dribble good over your chest and your sensitive nipples.

Leaving you in a vulnerable position with your knees almost behind your head, your arms the same. You moaned softly against the secured your mouth.

Breathing heavily through your nose. All at once, multiple thoughts started hammering at your brain. What if someone saw you like this? What if they were a villain? What if they take advantage of you?

What if. A small creak of the door seemed to scared away your never-ending thoughts since you didn't feel forging pressure building up in your chest anymore. Once again he was there, licking his lips and taking the sight of your whimpering nature. His big hand graze at your highly sensitive crotch continuing in a pleasuring rhythm up, down, up, down. You let out a high-pitched you exhale, your mouth moving as you wanted to speak a word.

Your body vibrated harshly, grinding your dripping sex in his mouth further. A ruthless spank on your ass seemed to stop your horny movements.

Your mind was fogged with want and pleasure and your body couldn't stop quivering, no matter how much the rope dug into your flesh. You didn't realise that your tongue was lolling out as if you witnessed the most mouth-watering treat of all time. You wanted to grab his head, rooting for him to continue. Suddenly, you couldn't feel a wet substance on your sex anymore. Your head was raised to him slapping his rigid penis against your wet cavern of a hole.

You squeaked as the hard rod lowered in your hole. You started to quiver harshly, so eager to swing your legs around his waist to push him forcefully into your sopping hole. He was taken aback by the volume of your voice.

You were usually so submissive and obedient. Unexpectedly, he threw you onto his lap, your plump ass ready for a good spanking. A sharp spank on your left ass cheek shut you up quickly but increase your want of pleasure so you shakes your ass at him to taunt him - which definitely wasn't helping. Another sharp spank on your ass erupted a quick shriek from you which seemed to be approved. You are reading. tenya iida x reader lemon.

Fanfiction. this is a tenya iida ship between tenya and (y/n) if you like this please tell me if not then ok but. Straight lemon story*\n*read with cations*\n\nAn amazing scenarios with Tenya iida, about him loving you, ~ personally ~. Hello and welcome to my first fanfiction books. My Hero Academia- One shots & Smut shots. Fanfiction Tenya Iida x G/N!Reader (Smut). K 17 Read Iida Tenya x Reader from the story BNHA Smutty Smut Smut!

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Fanfiction. this is a tenya iida ship between tenya and (y/n) if you like this please tell me if not then ok but tell.

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Ur gonna be shook u and iida are gonna fuck. Tenya iida x reader (one shots). Fanfiction "Hey iida I feel like you only use me for the pp sucking-". Read Tenya Iida X Reader from the story X Reader One-Shots SPICY by RenjiRin (Saichi Tsukishima) with reads. readerinsert, kurokonobasket, onepunchman. YOU ARE READING. MHA Character X Reader Oneshots.

Fanfiction. A oneshot collection featuring all of the My Hero Academia guys we love, from students to. Read Tenya Iida (Sensory depravation) FR from the story Kinky lemons (X reader) by LemonKing with reads.

harem, mature, slave. Male x female reader. Read Tenya Iida x reader from the story bnha lemons x reader by Satans_b00tyh0le (Salty Ass) with reads. xreader, katsukibakugou, bnha. Read distractions (smut) from the story Tenya iida x reader by Pretty_litty (Lilly) with reads. myheroacademia, xreader, iidaxreader. YOU ARE READING. MHA || oneshots lemons fluff and more. Fanfiction. If you're looking for updates I sorry I'm done with this book honestly not too proud.

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reader (!!LEMON!!) from the story My Hero Academia x reader (Discontinued) by foxsoulz (Laurkyn) with reads. mha, tenyaiida. This was requested by Namjooniehyungggg, hope that you like it.

⚠️ WARNINGS ⚠️ Yaoi (Boy X Boy) Smut (Sexual Content). Story Rankings. Tenya Iida X reader lemon. Most Impressive Ranking. # tenya out of K stories ranking. Other Rankings. # iida out of 4K stories. Nov 14, - just some Tenya Iida x reader oneshots, I'll probably do some Iida - PHANHOEEE - Wattpad Male Character, Boy Walking, But You Didnt.

Tenya x reader from the story Mha x Reader Lemons/Fluff by CreepyAphsta (SweetLovelyBlossom) #wattpad #fanfiction Iida Tenya deserves more attention! Discover more posts about tenya+iida+smut.