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The headbox equipment is key in the formation of the final product. Its role is to evenly distribute the fibrous mixture onto the forming wire. Thanks to its experience and developments stemming from its applied research, Allimand proposes three categories of headbox for various applications. The Allimand Hydrofiber TM allows the formation of material with a very low concentration.

This characteristic is obtained thanks to advanced filtration technology. Single or multi coats, the Hydrofiber is installed on machines with an inclined wire part and treat long fibres over 25 mm. The final properties of the material can be controlled over a high speed range. Allimand has very high speed Hydrofiber references. The Hydrofiber can produce a wide range of nonwoven and composite products.

Its flexibility, meticulous mechanical design and its high drainage capacity means it can produce unique fibre mats. With the Hydrofiber, Allimand is one of the world leaders in nonwoven and composite production equipment. Compact and designed to prevent fibres from catching, the Allimand air-loaded headboxes are specially adapted for the production of high loaded and very refined papers, technical and speciality papers including coloured paper.

The SFP hadboxes are equipped with a linear header and dilution control whereas the FP headboxes are fed by a manifold.

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A pioneer in hydraulic headboxes with basis weight control by dilution, Allimand continues to innovate to provide its customers with the latest technology. The hydraulic headbox S4 combines central header stability, dilution precision and the mechanical rigidity necessary for exceptional results.

An even basis weight, formation quality and orientation stability are obtained even at high speed. Particularly versatile, this headbox is used for a wide range of applications from speciality papers to packaging.

Contact us to find out more about our hydraulic headbox S4. The sheet formation section is the first section of the paper machine which directly influences the physical characteristics, quality and evenness of the sheet formation. Allimand carefully determines the configuration and equipment used for the sheet formation section depending on the types of paper to be produced, the types of fibres and the paper machine production speed.

The other determining element of the formation of fibrous materials is the wire part which is where the dewatering process starts. Allimand designs, manufactures and modifies all types of wire parts, fourdrinier or inclined. The Allimand wire parts incorporate agile cantilever systems to enable quick and safe wire changing and maintenance operations. Contact us to find out more about our fourdriniers.

The Allimand inertial shaking unit can be installed on an existing production line or on a new machine. The Allimand ISA inertial shaking unit has the following characteristics:. Positioned on the wire part, the Top Former is a double wire dewatering unit which mirrors the dewatering process and therefore the formation.

Its main objective is to extract a large quantity of water upwards and therefore limit the length of the wire part. Allimand has many references in these sectors. Contact us to find out more about the Allimand Top Former. The press section follows the formation section on the paper machine. Its objective is to remove as much water as possible from the mat before it is transferred to the dryer part. This is not only a fundamental stage for the sheet characteristics porosity and surface appearance but also economically, reducing steam consumption in the following machine process.

Allimand designs and manufactures different types of conventional presses. Single nip, binip, trinip and tandem, each configuration is adapted to the characteristics of the final fibre product taking into account ergonomics, safety and felt changing times.

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Each press section is completely pre erected in our workshops to save time during the machine stop and ensure optimum project efficiency, especially for machine reconstruction projects.

Contact us to find out more about the Allimand conventional presses. The shoe press creates a pressure area across the sheet before drying. Allimand has developed a portfolio of shoe presses:.High quality paper machine part headbox for toilet paper factory. Paper machine headbox for paper product making machine price. China manufacture Qinyang factory sell headbox pulp for tissue paper machine.

Paper making machine fourdrinier air cushion headbox in pulping section. High pressure head box in long mesh paper making machine. Inflow paper pulp mill tailing rejects pressure screen drum.

Yibangren High-end equipment toilet paper rewinding machine rewinding machine. Youdeng full-automatic facial tissue log saw cutting machine paper product processing machinery. High quality mm 20tons per day Kraft paper machine equipment headbox kraft paper mill pulper machine. Pre-sales Service Proposing the most suitable scheme and equipment for our clients.

Designing and fabricating targeted products according to the special requirements of clients. After-sales Service Assisting our clients for foundation construction of equipment. Paper machine parts dilution hydraulic headbox air cushion headbox.

Open type headbox in paper making machine. Hot selling Stainless steel paper mill headbox. Kraft corrugated paper mill pulping equipment headbox machine price. New headbox second hand refurbished headbox paper machine fourdrinier. Supplier Types. Product Types. Ready to Ship. Processing Type. Applicable Industries. Video outgoing-inspection. Showroom Location. Core Components. Home paper paper machine headbox paper machine headbox. Contact Supplier.Head Box is the key position and one important equipment in paper machine, its structure and performance has a decisive role for formation of page size and quality of paper, include open type, air-cushioned, hydraulic head box.

HeadBox is the key position and one important equipment in a paper machine, its structure and performance have a decisive role in the formation of page size and quality of paper, including open type, air-cushioned, hydraulic headbox. Headbox is used for writing paper machine, printing paper machine, corrugated paper making machine, test liner paper making machine, tissue paper machine.

Our company has first-class sales and technical service team, according to customer requirements to provide project design, process design, and technical training, etc. A pre-sale sale, the after-sales tracking service, fully eliminates the worries of the majority of customers. The high-turbulence headbox can produce high-strength micro-turbulence, which can effectively disperse fibers, prevent fiber precipitation and re-flocculation, and effectively improve the paper strength.

The shotcrete is stable to ensure that the pulp speed is in harmony with the wire speed. Head Box Head Box is the key position and one important equipment in paper machine, its structure and performance has a decisive role for formation of page size and quality of paper, include open type, air-cushioned, hydraulic head box.

Send Inquiry. Headbox has 3 functions in paper machine production: 1. Hot Tags: head box, China, manufacturers, suppliers, factory, price, cost, for sale, Paper Making Machinea4 paper packing machine pricePressure Screen Baskettissue paper manufacturing plant costA4 Paper Cutting Machinecorrugated carton making machine. Exhaust Hood. Cylinder Mould.Headbox is the key part of the paper making machine, it not only affects the speed of the paper machine, but also affects the quality of the paper.

With the increase of the speed of the paper machine, the time from the ejection of slurry to finalization is reduced to a fraction of a second or even more short. In such a short period of time, if there is no high-quality hydraulic headbox, the paper banners cannot be evenly distributed along the width and width of the paper, and the paper with the good uniformity cannot be made, and the quality paper cannot be produced.

Hydraulic Headbox Benefits:. The pulp flowing out of the hydraulic headbox is uniformly distributed along the paper machine horizontally and the pulp also uniformly distributed along the paper machine longitudinally.

Hydraulic headbox makes the slurry well dispersed in fourdrinier section, so the uniformity of paper can be guaranteed. Hydraulic headbox is suitable for different kinds of pulp and beating degree.

Smooth flow channel. The pulp can smoothly flow to fourdrinier section, which is easy to adjust and control slurry speed. The Headbox provided by Leizhan company has good business, environmental and social benefits. Welcome to contact us if configurar smtp chamilo need any pulping or screening machine.

Email: flutingpapermachine gmail. Click here to Request A Quote or call us at Go to Navigation Go to Content. Chat Online Request Information.Cross-directional basis weight of paper based on hydraulic headbox is adjusted by the opening of dilution water valve.

In order to achieve uniform concentration distribution of paper sheet, a research on the effect of dilution water added to the mainstream on concentration and flow was studied by experimental set-up and mathematical modeling in this paper. Based on the numerical simulation results, a scale model of headbox was derived to predict the water content distribution and pulp consistency distribution. Results show that these models could accurately predict the experimental flow characteristics of a pulp suspension with dilution water added.

Compared with slice regulation, the inverse response problem and its improvement method were discussed. By parameters improvement of pulp consistency model, the reverse response on both sides can be well eliminated or balanced when the dilution water was adopted to cross-directional profile control system.

It ensures that the influence range of a single dilution water valve is controllable, which improves the adjustment accuracy of cross-directional profile control and thus improves the paper quality. In paper making with modern high-speed paper machines, sheet properties must be continuously monitored and controlled to guarantee that the paper product quality specifications are satisfied along both the machine direction MD and cross direction CD.

It is generally recognized that the hydraulic headbox is the most advanced headbox. Modern hydraulic headbox is equipped with dilution water supply equipment for basis weight profile control. The headbox is divided into CD dilution zones spaced 60 mm apart. Dilution water is supplied individually to each dilution zone.

Dilution water volume is regulated by valves connected to electric actuators. These actuators are controlled by the dilution profile control system. The control system is used to locally regulate stock consistency in order to effect basis weight changes. At present, more research is focused on the structure and regulation principle of hydraulic headbox with dilution water. In a more recent study, the shape optimization of headbox is carried out by integration CFD and optimization technology.

The key technology of the hydraulic headbox systems is how to add dilution water, when a dilution water valve operates, what effect it does have on the pulp consistency on both sides, how that really affects, and what expressions are used to depict?

The principle of these problems are not clear. These problems involve complex measurement and control technical problems. In addition, controlling the consistency allows better basis weight profiling profile variations in the machine direction and cross direction than that achieved by slice bending. And analyze the effect of dilution water on slurry consistency of headbox. Furthermore, an accurate modeling strategy can reduce the costs of experiments and prototype equipment when designing headbox.

This work aims to analyze the effect of injecting dilution water on the stock concentration and fiber flow pattern in main pulp stream.Spinnaker partners with Paper Machine Services Inc.

Working together, we provide a comprehensive range of headbox services and components. From a simple repair to a full on rebuild we have the background and know-how to do the job. Our team works with you to identify the most cost effective solutions to achieve your project goals. Spinnaker is one of the few North American sources for rectifier rolls.

We provide new slice lips, profile bars, apron lips and apron blades in stainless steel and titanium, with or without TFE coating. We also refurbish existing lips, bars and blades. Cheek pieces; edge feeds; tube banks; attenuators; pond sides; seals; stationary showers; cladding; and custom designed components.

From the smallest componet through field services to complete headbox rebuilds, we are your best choice for headbox components, optimizations, and services.

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Contact us:. Ph: Fax: Email: info spin-corp. Ph: Headbox Field Service and Components. Rectifier Rolls Spinnaker is one of the few North American sources for rectifier rolls. Slice Lips, Profile Bars and Apron Lips We provide new slice lips, profile bars, apron lips and apron blades in stainless steel and titanium, with or without TFE coating.

Headbox Components Cheek pieces; edge feeds; tube banks; attenuators; pond sides; seals; stationary showers; cladding; and custom designed components. Contact us: Spinnaker Corporation Whitetail Ct.First jumbo roll appeared on the reel at am. Two days later, machine started to produce saleable paper. The scope of delivery included also stock approach equipment attenuator, LS Screens — 3 unitsfourdrinier and reel rebuild.

The project goal was to improve CD profile, tensile ratio and formation of the final product and increase the machine speed to mpm. The first one was implemented on PM2 on April This is a good example of a solid partnership between PMP and Australian leader in paper making. Australian Paper — owned by Nippon Paper Industries, is an Australian registered company with a long and proud history in local manufacturing of pulp, paper and packaging.

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You will receive a link to reset your password via email. Stay informed! Paper machines operating above ft/min require a special, high pressure tdi engine diagram known as a hydraulic headbox. These headboxes do not use rectifier rolls. Valmet headbox family comprises an optimal selection of paper machine headboxes to meet various production requirements in paper and board making. The function of the headbox is to distribute a continuous flow of wet stock at constant velocities, both across the width of the machine and lengthwise of the.

The paper machine headbox is an equipment that supply very low consistency stock into the forming section uniformly.

This is one of the most important sub-processes in the paper machine. The air-cushion damped hydraulic headbox, seen in Figureconsists. Page 4. Hydraulic headbox (high speed): for paper machines with speeds up to m/min. It can control the edge flow of directional distribution of fiber banners.

Flow stabilization in headbox improves paper formation. The headbox slice is also known as the nozzle and consists of a top lip and a bottom lip. The distance. The headbox and associated equipment, such as the slice and inlet header, are the environmentalmarkets.euant items on a paper machine since what this equipment does. The TurboJetter transforms fibers, fines, and water into beautiful formation on the wire section of any paper machine.

The step diffusors were developed to. The TurboStreamer transforms fibers, fines, and water into beautiful formation on the wire section of any paper machine. The holy roll headbox is a perfect. headbox: the pressure chamber where turbulence is applied to break up fiber clumps in the slurry. The main job of the headbox is to distribute the fiber slurry. Paper machine is the heart of paper industry and has many subsystems. One of the important subsystem of paper machine is Headbox.

To have the desired quality. Toscotec's headbox line can satisfy all customer needs in terms of production, quality and specific application. TT Headbox guarantees an accurate fiber. ANDRITZ headbox screen, ModuScreen HBE – final protection before headbox – designed to meet the most stringent requirements for all types of paper and board. Automatic Grade: Automatic. Brand/Make: NKR. Paper Machine Head Box: - Open Head Box for Machine speed up to meters/ minute.


Abstract. Headbox is one the major process of a paper machine which is vulnerable to many disturbances. Its efficient control is highly required because any. Paper Machine Clothing · Second Edition | 17 forming section of the paper machine. weights, lower headbox consistencies, and gen. Hydraulic headboxes are designed for modern high-speed paper machines(above m/min). The Paper Machine Hydraulic Headbox ensures the best quality for. In Practice, the L/B ratio on a paper machine varies in the range between — If the velocity changes considerably, re-check the jet impact point.

The headbox for a vertically oriented double-wire papermaking machine is formed with one fixed slice lip parallel to the forming zone defined by the wires.