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You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Thread starter munga Start date Jul 2, Hi All I was wondering who of you have seen Lucas injectors on your engine see above choices.

Version Application Survey OM602 Engines

I thought the injectors were always Bosch but it seem that some of the engines were also fitted with Lucas injectors. I am looking for the replacement nozzle part number. Seems that Delphi bought Lucas some time ago. Last edited: Jul 2, I have Bosch. There also seemed to be a descrepancy with torque figures for injectors.

Yes the injectors that are mounted at a 5deg offset get the Nm treatment. The older straight fit don't need to be bopad as tight. Last edited by a moderator: Jul 24, Always RTFM. Pete Staff member. G-Wagen Club SA. Further tests to follow including a field trials to confirm. This would be a great advantage as the Lucas nozzles are not currently stocked in SA and costs are double the Bosch ones. Do I smell a DIY injector rebuild writeup?! I volenteer my injectors to be photographed with rebuild!

Calibrating opening pressure could be tricky? I will do mine after my G is going. Collecting tomorrow, running or not. Any news here? I removed all my injectors to have them tested.

Also found 4 of the 6 prechambers were loose but one was so loose it leaked diesel past which sprayed up.Rate this machine now! However, incomplete data and mistakes might occur. Contact our team with any change suggestion.

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Thank you for your review.Depends on what noise it's making. OM This was for transverse mounting. As an option, there are diamond-pattern metal plates that defend the entrance into the side door and rear. Width, with Mirrors A real problem. Exposure to ozone and particulate matter have also been The GLC has been rejuvenated beneath the bonnet, the key update being the introduction of the 2.

The new generation engine has an utterly new cylinder block, made of aluminum alloy with cast iron sleeves. Tipo C-Klasse S W Typ C-Klasse S W Under the bonnet is the familiar ' OM' bhp 2. Mercedes-Benz recommends air filter replacement between every 40, and 60, miles, or every 4 to 6 years depending on the engine configuration of your E-Class. The new six-cylinder in-line diesel engine OM is a milestone of Mercedes-Benz driving technologies and an important contribution to achieving the global climate goals.

OM602.980 engine

The retaining device can position the camshafts in the installed position, also for turning, installing, and removing the crankshaft pulley. The six-cylinder in - line engine OM is the successor to the OM and part of a modular engine generation comprising four- and six-cylinder diesel engines as well as four-cylinder and six-cylinder gasoline engines. Resolving the old problems with startup the line technical and technologist problems.

Mercedes Benz 2. OM, 2. The incredulous part of this is that we had the same issues with the OM motor when it was launched over 2 years ago! Initially the launch was delayed because Merc knew there was a problem with the injectors, but elected to launch … The problems of a blocked DPF. We install every engine we build, so give us a call!Idle is unstable.

One of the key changes was making the engine block out of aluminium alloy instead of cast iron. After a couples of hard accelerations it starts to change good under rpm but the problems returns after the engine is stopped.

Hey folks, I am having a problem with a e. Why does my Mercedes E run rough at idle? My 92 E 2. The problem for our cars is that the spark plug wires have resistance built into the wires. A common Mercedes problem we see in our shop comes from a bad Crank Position Sensor.

It may not actually be an engine fault. Valve body failure is encountered at some point by most longtime Mercedes owners.

RepairSurge covers the following production years for the Mercedes-Benz E. SAVE … The problem has been around awhile but we just took it on trade. It would be a good replacement that fits properly being an OEM. The potentiometer is known to fail to cause hard cold starts, rough idle, and poor acceleration at low speeds. Only 1 left!

When used in conjunction with resistor type spark plugs, you are running your engine with an inefficient burn. MBCA Forum. Note: This car is NOT a grey market car. The typical symptoms of a failing harness are electrical errors, problems with starting the engine, poor running and rough idle. It has a no start problem. The car is finished in Blue-Black Metallic over Beige leather and powered by a 3. Hopefully your leak is easier to find. The Mercedes Benz M and M balance shaft gear and idle gear class action lawsuit complaint is reportedly brought on behalf of a putative class of all owners and lessees within the United States of Mercedes vehicles equipped with M engines bearing serial numbers up to Choose top quality brands Bosch, Standard Motor Products.

The car shakes about once per second awkwardly noticable by vibrations through the seat without any noticeable change in rpm. This Mercedes E Service Repair Manual is intended to aid in determining the cause of vehicle related problems and to provide recommended repair procedures.

The worst complaints are miss, rough idle, catalylic converter gets red hot. I would like to offer classic and modern Mercedes Benz vehicles repair, rebuild, and restoration services. Advance Auto carries over 1, aftermarket parts for your Mercedes-Benz E, along with original equipment manufacturer OEM parts. Mercedes part 21 32, check fit below. A vacuum leak into the manifold via a cracked or broken vacuum hose will cause such problems at idle and low speeds but NOT affect acceleration so much.

So far everythings works ok except the shifting from the gear which takes place at about RPM. We understand that there are no shortcuts to achieving excellence in the remanufacturing of an engine built to the standards of Mercedes-Benz.

The car shakes at idle and light acceleration, and seems to be an engine miss and not just bad motor mounts although I am not Mercedes Benz E Idle Control Valve. I am trying to find out about the over voltage relay on my car. Keeping your vehicle level helps you to maintain control when you are towing. How do you adjust the idle speed on a Mercedes Benz E? Wiki User.What is it? It was produced in South Korea in —, Vietnam in —, China in —, Iran in — and Russia in — The general idea was for Mercedes-Benz and SsangYong to partner up and develop a cheap production car, then offer it through Mercedes-Benz dealer networks.

Intake manifold Mercedes G-Class 460 461 OM602 250GD 290GD Wolf

This was not to be as Mercedes-Benz ended up buying Chrysler and thus Jeep, so they ditched the Musso project it may have become a decent vehicle had that happened.

SsangYong soon went bust and got bought up by Daewoo, who also went bust. It utilised Mercedes-Benz engine designs made under license by SsangYong. Those engines being the M straight 4, M straight six, OM straight 4 diesel and OM straight 5 diesel in naturally aspirated and turbo variants.

Oh boy, where do I start? I thought so. In a straight line, the steering is very vague and wandery, exactly what you want in a modern car, right? Well, even on reasonably good, sealed roads, the Musso rides like a boat in choppy seas, any thoughts of it being remotely car-like disappear when you reach your first corner. Body roll is better than an old Land Rover, possibly, but still considerable and much worse than on similar SUVs.

Hitting a tight bend after a straight section of road? Yeah, this thing handles like a truck with a full swimming pool in the back. The Hilux failed the Elk Test? Pffffft, try failing a simple braking test. Although the brakes work decently in normal conditions, it does not brake in a straight line under emergency braking.

The brakes are very uneven and pulls very hard to one side on a flat, smooth road. Build quality? Interior bits and pieces start coming adrift from new. Gearbox whines are commonplace. In the English JD Power reliability survey, it scored 97th out of Are there any redeeming features? This content was originally posted by a Car Throttle user on our Community platform and was not commissioned or created by the CT editorial team.

Please confirm you agree to the use of tracking cookies as outlined in the Cookies Policy. Sign in or register. Musclecarlover7 squad Furry squad 4 years ago. Terrible cars you should not buy. Volume 1: SsangYong Musso. More Ssangyong posts. Sort by Best Sort by Latest. Show Comments. Sign in to your Car Throttle account Before you sign in Please confirm you agree to the use of tracking cookies as outlined in the Cookies Policy. I agree.Produced from to these lighter weight aluminum head engines replaced the venerable cast iron and engines pengal katturai in tamil the 's and early 's.

Theses engines were more powerful and more fuel efficient. They did have a few teething problems but have proven to be very durable as long as they are treated and maintained properly. We can help you diagnose and repair common problems with these engines.

They include the four cylinder engine that came in the D 2. If properly driven and maintained the engines actually require less ROUTINE maintenance than the older all cast iron and diesels. Since they incorporate hydraulic lifters no routine valve adjustment is required.

Air cleaners are mounted off the engine and thus don't suffer from vibration damage. Oil and fuel filter changes are easy. Motor mounts last longer. Belts last longer and don't require frequent adjustment, etc.

I suspect for some that the prevention is just too much work. For others it may just be due to a lack of knowledge. Others may just be trying to spend some money. A number of these jobs can be quite expensive if you have a shop do it. If you do it yourself you can save hundreds of dollars. That is where we can help. NOTE: If you have recently required one of these diesels or are considering purchasing one, here are my top SIX neglected maintenance items.

It requires removal of the intake manifold just to get to the glow plugs! Maybe that is why it is so often neglected. Glow plug hole reaming is a MUST on these engines.

If you have no record of this being done recently get the reamer, do the job and replace the glow plugs. Plan to ream the holes every 80, miles to extend glow plug life and improve smooth engine cold starts.

A number of parts and kits and manuals are available for dealing with glow plugs. You should see some the the squirt no spray patterns I see on injectors removed from these engines. Granted, the engine will run, but if you want to discover just how well it should run - install high performance Monark fuel injector nozzles.Portal Search Calendar Help. Hello There, Guest!

Mercedes OM602 OM603 Engine Manual

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What air filter is that? Do you have the specs on that garrett? I can add it to the turbo thread. The next time I'll work with that I'll send you the exact data.

This is modified, but the stock one is great too offroaddieselhu. I do not understand why they say that this type of turbos only makes CV! Also, indirect injection engines tend to make a lot more heat when on power. So if you have a turbo that can make peak power of hp in DI with high backpressure and charge air temps, that's definitely not a good turbo for IDI engine.

Didn't bother looking at compressor map of the mentioned turbo, I assumed it's quite similar to others of the same size. I've got MB v waiting for my other and aiming for hp tops, even though I know it can make ish hp on a CDI. I think not so much car goes as hp that is useable for everyday sreet drive Offroadieselhu. View a Printable Version. Forum Team Contact Us superturbodiesel. Lost Password? Website Find. L (2, cc) L (2, cc). SOHC 10 valves. The successor of the OM engine family was the newly developed straight-5 diesel automobile engine OM from Mercedes-Benz used from s up to Our vehicles Mercedes Benz OM Add Performance 66 kW (90 PS) at rpm.

Torque Nm ( ft/lb). Max speed km/h. Acceleration s ~ km/h. Our vehicles Mercedes Benz OM Add Performance 90 kW ( PS) at rpm.

Torque Nm ( ft/lb). Max speed km/h. Weight 2 kg. Fuel diesel. Differences between OM NA and OM Turbo, according to FSM (most differences also apply to OM). 1. Turbo head is “reinforced at the. Same power as turbo, quicker due to less weight - Quieter and less smoke - 37 mpg. Only thing is the turbos appear to be very rare. › › W › W (facelift ). Mercedes-Benz W (facelift ) D Turbo ( Hp) ; Nm @ rpm. lb.-ft. @ rpm. · Front, Longitudinal · OM D 25 A / · Five-cylinder ; Displacement: L cc, stroke × bore: × 89 mm ; GD (W ), OM D 29, ,; GD (W ), OM D 29 · This sophisticated turbo will produce a substantial increase in power and if the boost is kept conservative (i.e.

15 psi) the engine will. Buy Premium OM OM OM Mercedes Green Braided Viton Diesel Return Lines (with end plug, biodiesel safe!) Item Weight, ‎ ounces. Those engines being the M straight 4, M straight six, OM straight 4 diesel and OM straight 5 diesel in naturally aspirated and turbo variants. Mercedes OEM Remanufactured OM Diesel Engine. OM Diesel Engine Rebuilt W W MACHINED TO EXACT FACTORY SPECS: BLOCK Bore & Hone Cylinders.

I have a D with an OM diesel engine. I currently use a conventional 15W oil and would like to switch to Mobil 1 5W Synthetic. King Bearing MB XA for Mercedes Benz OM// Weight: 0, Availability: Leadtime is uger, hvis udsolgt. day(s). Engine found in the following models Make Model Name From To Engine Capacity Cyl Bore mm Stroke mm Bore In Stroke In Origin Fuel Mercedes-Benz Car.

My hesitation to use an OM - weight and fuel economy - seems largely solved by using the later OM However, info is much harder to find. Skf Rear Wheel Bearing Kit For: Mercedes Benz E-Class [W] E Model Years: Engine Code & Specs: Om 10V 93Kw. Skf part number - VKBA D Specs:Power 90 PS (89 hp); Diesel;Average consumption l/km (33 MPG);Dimensions: Length cm ( inches); Width cm (