M23 muncie 4 speed

Discussion in ' U-shift em ' started by molearyNov 21, Log in or Sign up. In the off season, instead of swapping gears in the M22 to get the launch ratio to a respectable number, I am selling it and pulling the trigger on a Race Duty Muncie. He is throwing in gear polishing and all de-burring so no break in period needed. I am replacing it with a Hydramax hydraulic breaing set up. That ought to fix the 60 ' and ' times. I can't wait to run this next season.

SpecialWagon65 likes this. Sounds like an awesome box. I've always said we don't really need more gears, just better gear spreads. Keep us posted on lead time, delivery and final results.

I ran mine all summer on the street put around miles on it ,shifts so nice and is so quiet compared to the dog box that was in there ,you will be happy with it. Pm sent Adam. Yep, keep us up to speed on progress That oughta do it. Davis and ilikebmx like this. Verrrrry niiice!! Couldn't have gone any smoother putting it back together in a few hours Saturday.

Couldn't test it Saturday and the snow and wind was coming in Sunday so I figured I wouldn't test until next weekend. Well, Sunday morning was cold but nice and the predicted snow and high wind was holding off, so Golfing was first order. That was short noritake vfd but fun while it lasted snow flurries started around 10am. Snow was great, blew by, then sunshine and dry a roads dried out so test drive time!

Worked great. Stopped for snap shot down the road Last edited: Feb 21, Bad ride, I drove my pop's 4 speed car the other day. Thread stealer here! Glad to see I am not the only diehard winter golfer!!!!

We purchased one of these around black Friday for LOVE the new autogear! How is the gear noise in the first 3? I know I will have some but hopefully is not unbearable.

It was my main hesitation in buying this one. My only test drive so far was without the front carpet and shifter boot reinstalled, so it isn't fair to rate it, but it does appear to have a little more of an audible presence that the Rock Crusher it took the job over fromOnce upon a time, manual transmissions were standard in virtually every American passenger car.

Rowing through the gears of a "standard shift" transmission was a way of life. Every man, woman, and child who aspired to venture onto the open byways had to learn the art of synchronizing their left foot and right arm. Today manual transmissions are standard equipment in entry-level compact models, but most buyers opt for an automatic. For most midsize and full-size cars as well as in the gamut of crossovers, SUVs and light-duty trucks, an automatic is the only choice.

It's a different scenario entirely in the vintage car hobby. Closed traverse survey calculations seemingly replaces the novelty of driving a muscle car equipped with a floor-shifted manual transmission, and its allure is a feature that nostalgic buyers are willing to pay a premium for.

GM's Muncie-built four-speed may be the most well-known manual transmission ever produced. First released inthe platform remains strongly supported nearly 60 years later.

The Syracuse M23 from Auto Gear Equipment or AGE in Syracuse, New York is one company that has expanded on GM's original design to develop an entirely new gearbox that's as durable as it is functional, and ideal for cruisers, drag racers, and road racers alike. Warner Gear was established in the early s. The company has a longstanding history developing and producing manual transmissions.

Its T85 three-speed was originally developed for the Chrysler Airflow. It was then picked up by other automakers in subsequent years, including General Motors. Since its introduction inChevrolet's Corvette had been equipped with Powerglide automatic only.

The marque's new-for V-8 seemed a natural fit for its sports car and Chevrolet engineer and Corvette ambassador Zora Duntov sought to complement it with a manual transmission. Using GM's existing Muncie-built SM three-speed manual found in Chevrolet's passenger cars, Duntov developed a Corvette-specific variant containing 2.

Four-speed manual transmissions were popular in European sports cars at the time. When compared to a three-speed, the four-speed increased operational flexibility with the Europeans' small-displacement engines—whether upshifting or downshifting.

Duntov felt a four-speed manual would help legitimize the Corvette as a world class competitor. Instead of purchasing costly European gearboxes or engineering an entirely new transmission for it, however, GM expanded upon the basic design of Warner's proven T Chevrolet's engineering team incorporated a fourth forward gear into the T85 by relocating its Reverse gear from the main case to the extension housing.

The gear spacing specifically developed for the Corvette's Muncie three-speed was retained for the four-speed. The existing 1. Full synchronization in all forward gears was also added, and the American close-ratio four-speed was born. General Motors patented the four-speed manual transmission and Warner Gear was contracted to produce it.

Production records indicate that less than were installed that model year. T10's availability expanded to other GM brands in the years that followed and ultimately to other makes. As the world's largest automaker with nearly 60 percent of the new-car market during the early '60s—and one that prided itself in vertical integration—GM reevaluated outsourcing four-speed production to Warner. Not only was the horsepower race taxing the T10's reliability, the overall popularity of four-speeds in general had reached a point that GM determined it was more profitable to produce its own gearbox.

The Chevrolet-Muncie plant in Muncie, Indiana had been building manual transmissions for GM's passenger cars and light-duty trucks for years. GM chose that facility to produce its new four-speed, which its engineers developed as an outgrowth of the patented design that ultimately became the T The redesigned transmission featured a host of internal enhancements aimed at boosting durability and fitted it with a cast-aluminum main case, bearing support, and extension housing to reduce weight.

The new Muncie-built four-speed began reaching Chevrolet's vehicle assembly plants during the '63 model year. Gearing included a wide-ratio unit 2.It was a matter of economics when Chevrolet needed a four-speed manual transmission for the Corvette in the mids. Same transmission above with partial VIN stamping. The Muncie was typically used in performance engines. Muncie takes its name from its home headquarters in Indiana. Muncie 4 speed is hard to shift Why is my Muncie 4 speed overly stiff to shift?

I think that the 4 to 3 shift is the worst but it's quite stiff in all forward gears not reverse I purchased it as a used unit it came with an old shifter that is very sloppy. Model: M20, M21, M There are six generations of Muncie 4 Speeds. We stock a comprehensive lineup of Muncie M20, M21 and M22 car transmission parts, including top-quality Muncie 4-speed rebuild kits. The side cover has seven bolts and two shift cams. Muncie general motors 4 speed longitudinal transmissions were developed in three distinct models the muncie m20 wide ratio manual transmission the muncie m21 close ratio manual transmission and the muncie m22 heavy duty close ratio manual transmission.

The side cover has 7 bolts and 2 shifter cams. The choice of transmission was dictated by the engine size and rear-axle ratio. How close to 3 pints is used when filling the Muncie using the "fill 'till it runs out of the hole while trans is level" method? Perfect Performance with 2. M20 wide ratio or M21 Close Ratio Muncie 4 speed.

The M22 also had the drain plug boss drilled and tapped for a magnetic drain plug. The Muncie was the top high-performance manual transmission General Motors offered in its muscle cars of the s and early s. Jan 7, Gear Train.

An extra heavy duty close-ratio version M was also offered on many of the big-block high-performance models. Contains bearings, gaskets, seals, sync rings, small parts kit, tail bushing, sync springs and keys, slinger, front nut, pilot cage.Forums New posts Search forums. What's new New posts. Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. Log in. Install the app. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

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Thread starter Grumpy Start date Jun 3, Grumpy The Grumpy Grease Monkey mechanical engineer. Staff member. ALLEN said:. I got talked into helping a neighbor do a clutch replacement in a corvette,and obviously need a new clutch disc, pressure plate and throw out bearingthe local napa has everything at a decent price but the counter guy asked me if the transmission is using a 10 or 26 spline clutch disc, how do I know what I'm dealing with before I pull the transmission out?

Click to expand Last edited: Dec 2, I'm rebuilding a 68 Muncie for a customer and this is typical of what I find inside. The Muncies did not have a drain plug except M22s. The Muncies have a magnetic donut glued to the bottom of the case. There is NO WAY to drain the tranny, nor is there any way to remove the accumulation of metal particles from the donut magnet without removing the tranny.

Last edited: Dec 4, Last edited: Jan 30, Very strong, updated design in first gear area makes these very desirable for the big engine crowd. The modular countershaft cluster gear, allows for many ratio combinations that heretofore were not possible. Vented tail, sealed input and available "Super Finish" on internal parts are just few more of the upgrades and changes that make these units far and away the best on the market.

These units can, and in most cases need to be "custom" designed to your vehicle and it's intended use. Many ratio combinations are available, PLEASE contact us to help you with what will work best for your application and intended use. Not to step on toes, or steal thunder; here is a complete ratio chart for the soon to be released Auto Gear M23 available only through us or approved vendors such as Jody I want to thank all of you guys for believing in and supporting Auto Gear Equipment; and I also want to thank Jody and the other distributors who have continued website unblocker support throughout the years.

The final To-Be-Released ratios for the M23 are 9 in total: 2.Trek Roscoe Bass Pro Shops Flyer September 9 to The Go Shop's facility is at Park St. Today it has grown into one of Canada's largest performance companies that includes 3 retail stores, a 60, sq ft warehouse, mail order and an e-commerce store.

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Muncie m21 trans

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Previous Bottom Next. Send Private Topic View Profile. Email Report. I am looking into either rebuilding and upgrading my M21 or buying a new rebuilt one.

Possibly one of these supper case 4 speeds. Any one have an experience with these aftermarket cases and parts? Like the Pro Gear. Found this on ebay. Someone on the info exchange site recommended I call Midwest Muncies.

How to Build High-Performance Muncie 4-Speed Transmissions

I spoke with Jeff and he recommended the M23 they build with a wide ratio gear for my build. Great guy.

Had all the info I wanted to hear and wasn't just trying to sell me something. He said he prefer people call so they can get exactly what they need before purchasing. He said the M23 will hold up to my stroked with lb torque and it won't break. They are somewhat local for me too being in Wisconsin. Chances of me making it to a race like that are slim so I'm not to worried about originality. I just want it to last. How many horses and torque are you putting into that M22?

If my math is correct I'll be pushing hp and tqflb. I think 61 was the last year with that spring.

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TKO The naysayers are saying "nay", again!! I just finished the project, and already I have received this criticism from like 4 different gearheads. They say the old Muncie is bulletproof and can take anything. Granted, these are mostly the "old-school" types. So maybe they are just not up with the times. I know my TKO is up to the task. I do not know much about the Muncie, other than that they are legendary with the old-timers, they can take a beating, they are good for road racing, have a close ratio, and they make a lot of noise whining like a blower.

Tranny pros, please help me put this debate to rest!! Ask them same dudes to go on a mile trip with you. If that dont put it to bed nothing will. We cruised from Pittsburgh to Carlisle about miles ina little under 2. Average speed for teh trip was about 80 mph and the top speed is better left unsaid.

After that same mile trip, show them your fuel costs and calculate what it would've been with the Muncie. Show 'em how much you saved. A couple of mile trips and the cost of your TKO is negated.

Amen Ralph, My car with 3. If I keep my foot out of it, I have done as well as 18mpg. That is with a poorly tuned makin about horse. Okay but gas mileage aside, and the TKO being one smooth tranny, is the Muncie tougher, or was it just the hero in its day? There is no doubt it's strong,but having the OD,there's no comparrsion.


Rockchrusher whine like hell,and if you like doing 5g at 70 then its your choice. The strongest of the "Muncie" based 4 speeds, the Auto Gear M23 is your answer for strength in those higher HP and torque applications where an M20/21 or. Severe Duty M23 gearboxes feature enlarged steel 'thrust button' case assembled modular countershaft clusters with ground drive gears, unit cage needle. RACING Muncie Slick Shift Clutch-less Super Duty M23 Super Case 4-speed Drag Racing Rock-Crusher.

FALL SALE ON NOW!!! $ 3, $ 2, Just Released. GM's Muncie-built four-speed may be the most well-known manual transmission ever produced. First released inthe platform remains strongly. Find great deals on eBay for muncie m Shop with confidence. Muncie 4 Speed M20 M21 M22 M23 BRONZE Surface Thrust Washers set. 1INCH.

Street Sleeper Upgrade for 2018 - Midwest Muncie M23

Brand New. Available for 'Muncie' four-speeds (reinforced ring) as a set Four-speeds, 10 Splines in, 27 Splines out New M23 Gearsets! Bronze thrust washer for the front and rear of the cluster gear on Muncie 4 speed 1" pin transmissions. This should be the last thrust you put in your. Also, please note that the Muncie 4-Speed Transmission book was written by Paul Cangialosi at Five Speeds.

So his credentials are unquestionably. The M23Z has a 1st gear ratio. The M23, M23W, and M23Z series transmissions utilize a wider mainshaft 1st speed gear, and 1st gear has a. NEW MUNCIE MZ 4 SPEED TRANSMISSION SEVERE DUTY – ULTRA-WIDE RATIO – STREET OR STRIP – ROCK CRUSHER!! NO!! THE ENGINE / BELLHOUSING / SHIFTER / ETC. I have a brand new muncie m23 with a hurst competition shifter.

But by just barely opening the bungler hole on the 3 4 lever makes a big. Muncie Transmission is back! General Motors stopped installing "Muncie" 4 speeds in Complete units were able to be purchased from GM until the late.

And I found a 4 speed Saginaw without shifter for $ obo, the rights to the muncie and they make a fine, strong M23 up to the task. environmentalmarkets.eu: Generic Muncie 4 Speed Input Shaft Shim Set, Pack, Assortment, KIT - M20 M21 M22 M Industrial & Scientific.

American Made M22, M23 Rock Crushers, Close, Wide, Ultra Wide Ratios, OEM, Super Duty, Super Case. The Latest New Muncie PRO GASSER N24 Racing 4-speed!

NEW MUNCIE M22 4 SPEED STREET OR STRIPTHESE ARE BRAND NEW MUNCIE TRANSMISSIONS WITH ULTRA HEAVY DUTY CASE AND WE ALSO HAVE THE SEVERE DUTY MUNCIE M23! Midwest Muncie sells a road race/drag race clutchless shift 4 speed that handles up to HP Called the M23 Check it out. Cost is at this. The OEM Muncie 4-speed was aging, few clean used gearboxes were available, the demand for I use the M23 components to make my “Drag Special” Muncies.

Has anyone used one of these M 4 speed transmissions from Auto Gear in Syracuse NY? I was told some of the M23 parts are on backorder. Italian gear sets, roller bearing clusters, Heavy Duty shift plate (M23 Super Finish shown) Complete overhaul kit for Muncie 4 speed transmissions.