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Nice 5 Star hotel in a good location only 20 minutes walk from Thamel. You wouldn't believe that you are in the centre of the hectic city because it is away from the main road and has big, nicely tended gardens surrounding it.

Only one concern for Muslim guests is that the hotel advertises the restaurant as "Halal" which it is incorrect as pork is served at the buff Only one concern for Muslim guests is that the hotel advertises the restaurant as "Halal" which it is incorrect as pork is served at the buffet and was in the Caesers Salad ordered from the menu. The waiter was questioned and his response was that the pork is Halal as it is imported from Europe.

Aside from that it's good place to stay, well trained and courteous staff. Good value. As our original booking at some other hotel was canceled by Agoda at short notice we had to quickly book something else while already on the way to the airport.

Agoda suggested some options and one was the new Royal Penguin. We were pleasantly surprised as we found a hotel in the heart of Thamel with well-trained and very friendly staff, with with well-kept rooms ok, We were pleasantly surprised as we found a hotel in the heart of Thamel with well-trained and very friendly staff, with with well-kept rooms ok, the interiour design of rooms and public areas is a bit quirky but it is fun.

For those who normally have to rush to beat the breakfast service deadline - this hotel is for you as it serves breakfast at any time of the day. The hotel is perfectly located for those who enjoy shopping in Thamel. When you book make sure you get the new Royal Penguin, the old one, which is close by, has no lift unless you don't mind the exercise.

Although the hotel is brand new opened in March it seems to be in high demand already. We will definitely book this hotel again. We spent 3 nights here when we traveled in Kathmandu. The location is convenient enough to reach any place in Thamel in walking distance.

The service here was hospitable and attentive. Definitely a stand-out hotel in Thamel. This hotel brings exceptional value money. I will certainly recommend this to my friends and I will list the pros and cons to help you decide. I have stayed in Royal peguin boutique hotel in Thamel as well which is a so called 4 star deluxe b I have stayed in Royal peguin boutique hotel in Thamel as well which is a so called 4 star deluxe but their is breakfast is no where near Avatar's breakfast.

No other hotel in Thamel provides such a buffet breakfast at this price. Seems like some of the infrastructure needs to be taken care of. They will have to train their staffs well on cleaning the room better. As I said, overall this hotel will give you the best value for money in Thamel. Plus it has wifi NOT free, actually more expensive than the internet cafe across the street from the hotelso it's a great place to relax and catch up with your emails.

I haven't seen any other Thamel hot I haven't seen any other Thamel hotels with this amount of outdoor space usually they only have a small roof deck so that's why I like the Kathmandu Guest House. The hotel is in a great location, quite close to Thamel area.

The staff are friendly and helpful but it does not have the 5 star appeal of other hotels we have stayed at. There was plenty of choice for breakfast and the Indian restaurant was excellent. The pool and surrounding area is pleasant with a good bar area serving food.

The room service staff added extra base c The room service staff added extra base covers to the bed to help soften the firm mattress although they were a bit lax in replacing toiletries.

Kathmandu 10 Hotel 8. Just slightly pricier than the average hotel in Thamel, but worth every cent.Thamel, Kathmandu 1. This Property is completely booked from 24 Jan to 25 Jan Tribhuvan International Airport is at a minute drive from the hotel. Bookings for sightseeing excursions and car rentals can be made at the tour desk. Also, arrangements for adventure activities like rafting, paragliding, trekking and bungee jumping can be made here. Airport transfers, postal service, laundry and complimentary high-speed Wi-Fi access are offered on site.

Featuring wall-to-wall carpeting, all rooms at the hotel are well-lit and simply furnished. Categorised as Standard and Deluxe, these rooms feature amenities, such as satellite television, telephone, safe, wardrobe and free Wi-Fi. A comfor Read more. Facilities here have been rated 3 by 6 guests.

Free Parking. Air Conditioning. Important information that you need to know before you book! So, we are travelling since half a year. This was a place where we felt home again. Puspa, the manager of the Hotel, was so friendly to us, we enjoyed it a lot staying there.

Whatever we needed, he immediately took action to organise it. So, if you look for a place where someone takes care about you, gothere, it was one of the best places where we have been so far.

It is also super located, just 1 minute to the heart of thamel, but as well in a quiet street where you can enjoy the silence while sitting on their terrasse. Good communal balconies, good location - check out the garden of dreams nearby.

Basic accommodation but cheap enough. Bed hard. Hot shower takes a long time to get going I had 2 cold showers before I figured it out! Stayed Nov Thanks Red Planet to make my journey beautiful in Nepal. I love Nepal. But specialy thanks all of you Red Planet family Specially Puspa. Thanks man you are really helpful and understanding. They said the room is cleaned within minutes.I roll down my window. I hear a car horn behind me — my cab is holding up the line.

Lining the track are 10 covered wooden sheds about 10 feet apart about the size of a typical bus shelter. Some are spray-painted with prices. The cost of services varies, depending on bartering between the sex worker and the client. Each shed houses two to six prostitutes, all in provocative outfits. In numerous surveys, Zurich has been named the city with the best quality of life in the world and the wealthiest on the continent.

It also has a booming pleasure industry. Prostitution has been legal in Zurich sinceand some 1, prostitutes are registered with the city. Today, the only legal designated strutting ground for streetwalkers is a small cobblestone patch in Niederdorf, near the upmarket cheese and antique shops.

But the prostitution in Sihlquai became a strain for residents — the pimps turned the area into a haven for organised crime, and many men got away with violent attacks on the prostitutes. Residents complained about the condom wrappers littering their backyards and doorsteps. For peritoneal pull through procedure city, however, the most pertinent problem was the traffic — mostly from rubberneckers gawking at the prostitutes.

The sex boxes are in an industrial suburb favoured by artists and refugees. In the Zurich boxes, each transaction starts in the waiting area shed loop and unfolds in the neon-lit car park garage units.

A customer cruises the loop, picks a prostitute, agrees on a price, veers off the loop to the garages, selects an empty box, does the deed, pays and says auf wiedersehen. During working hours, the premises are patrolled by security. There are bathrooms, showers, condoms, free laundry and a small kitchen in a free health pavilion on-site called the Flora Dora that provides complimentary contraception, sex education, HIV prevention programmes, medical services, social counselling and testing for sexually transmitted diseases.

The women also have access to a free off-site ob-gyn clinic. Each stall is decorated with an HIV or sex education poster and equipped with a condom disposal bin and a panic button to protect the sex worker. The button sounds an alarm throughout the entire pavilion and a flashing light inside the box in question.

Panic buttons are pushed about once a week, says Ludwig, typically after a dispute over money. The women of the boxes live a harsh life. They are migrants from Romania, Hungary and Bulgaria who are allowed only one three-month stay per year.

Most work to support their children and families back in their home countries. Despite the legalisation of prostitution, trafficking is still a problem in Switzerland, but the sex boxes have made pimping more difficult. Suspected pimps are expelled from the premises, charged with trespassing and, if found guilty, banned for life from the area.

One advantage of the sex-box system is that the prostitutes have more access to help. The sex boxes are open daily, from 7pm until 3am Sunday to Wednesday, and 7pm to 5am Thursday to Saturday. They get more business on the weekends after midnight, says Ludwig, and clients usually arrive after coming up empty at bars. Business always spikes after Swiss soccer matches and slows down during certain holidays. She reports that Christmas tends to be a very quiet time in the sex boxes.

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Registration is a free and easy way to support our truly independent journalism.By Gopal Sharma. The city is ringed by rolling hills and has many satellite towns, such as Patan and Bhaktapur, which are popular with tourists.

Reuters correspondents with local knowledge suggests how visitors can get the most out of a hour visit. For dinner try one the rooftop restaurants that offer a fantastic view of the city skyline. For music lovers there are restaurants that offer food and drinks with accompanying live concerts. In a few minutes are in the 14th century, with narrow alleys and rutted streets, shops with low, carved doorways and pigeons sitting on a maze of telephone cables that swirl overhead from utility poles.

The walk goes cp2112 software balconies jutting out of brick and mud houses. Women with copper and brass trays of offerings such as vermillion powder, rice, sandalwood paste and incense sticks for figurines of Hindu and Buddhist gods rub elbows with street vendors selling fresh vegetables and fruits.

Kathmandu is believed to have derived its name from this. Enter through the low door into a courtyard. Wait for the Kumari to appear in the second-floor window of an elaborately carved red-brick building. Buddha, the founder of Buddhism, also hailed from the same clan.

The girl, with a third eye painted on her forehead, is worshipped as a power goddess. Before the monarchy was abolished, the king of Nepal sought her blessings, a ritual now performed by the president. It has a stupa, or temple tower, with the ever-watching eyes of the Buddha painted on top of a white dome. Climb about metres yards of steep stone steps to the top of the hill, or the taxi can take you up. Swayambhunath is a complex of monasteries and temples. Monks can be found jostling with locals to spin the prayer wheels and chanting from Buddhist texts.

Devout Buddhists believe spinning a wheel can have much the same effects as reciting the mantras or religious hymns. Walk in a clockwise direction and spin the wheels with a slight rotation of the wrist. Visitors can find Tibetan Thankas, or wall paintings, hand woven carpets, huge curved knives carried by Gurkha soldiers, and singing bowls, brass vessels that produce soft sounds when struck with a wooden rod.

48 hours in Kathmandu

Bargaining is advised. It is also known as the art city because of its rich collection of arts and architecture. It is known for its crafts, pottery, magnificent temples, culture and festivals. Noon - Take a taxi back to Kathmandu to the Narayanhiti palace museum.

It was a royal palace that housed the office and residence of the King of Nepal. A tour takes visitors goes through former royal bedrooms, a meeting hall with stuffed tigers and a massive crystal chandelier, guest rooms, the royal kitchen and the massacre house, where in Crown Prince Dipendra killed his parents and seven other royals before turning the gun on himself.

The tragic event marked the beginning of the fall of monarchy in Nepal.Kamala, a sex worker with her back to the camerawalks near hotels in Itahari that offer sex workers to customers. Her lips are a bright shade of orange. Meya, 21, a sex worker, is preparing to meet a client in Itahari, a city about 5 kilometres 3. Itahari, host to a highway that connects Nepal and India, which share an open border, is a boom town for the sex trade.

The town is a popular destination for Indian traders who want to hire prostitutes. Read the blog. She stopped working when, inshe married a man she met at the hotel where she worked. The man was not a client of her or any other sex worker. But he left when Swastika, his daughter, was three months old. She meets customers during the day, when a neighbour looks after Swastika, because she tends to the toddler at night.

With just an eighth grade education, Meya, who lives with her daughter in a rented room, says she has few options. Bibina Meya holds her 2-year-old daughter, Swastika. Meya is a sex worker, but she only works during the day so she can care for her daughter at night. The sex trade is globally denounced for its ties to sex trafficking and forced prostitution, but in Itahari, a major transport hub in Nepal, the trade is booming because young girls with little education and few job options choose to work in it.

Another survey conducted by Swiss relief agency Terre des hommes in estimated that between 11, and 13, girls and young women were working in the entertainment industry in the Kathmandu Valley.

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Many of the girls and young women in the trade, like Meya, come from troubled backgrounds. Two years after she arrived in Kathmandu, a friend told her that she could earn more money by working in a factory. But when Meya agreed to the plan, the friend took her not to a factory, but to the hotel in Itahari, and left her there.

The hotel owner gave Meya a choice: Leave the hotel, or stay and become a sex worker. After two weeks, she agreed to become a sex worker.For many, stepping off a plane into Kathmandu is a pupil-dilating experience, a riot of sights, sounds and smells that can quickly lead to sensory overload.

The earthquake destroyed several temples in Kathmandu's Unesco-listed Durbar Sq, but most areas emerged unscathed.

Why Zurich has turned its red-light district into a drive-through

Jump to: Table of contents. These are our favorite local haunts, touristy spots, and hidden gems throughout Kathmandu. The sarah bachelorette 2021 bore the brunt of Kathmandu's earthquake damage.

Half a dozen temples collapsed, as did several towers in the Hanuman Dhoka palace complex, but it's still a fabulous complex.

Reconstruction will continue for years. Kathmandu's royal palace, known as the Hanuman Dhoka, was originally founded during the Licchavi period 4th to 8th centuries ADbut the compound was expanded considerably by King Pratap Malla in the 17th century. Sadly, the sprawling palace was hit hard by the earthquake and damage was extensive.

At the time of research, the main Nasal Chowk courtyard was open and the Tribhuvan Museum was close to reopening, with other buildings closed for reconstruction.

History and Demographics

From the entrance gate of the Hanuman Dhoka palace you immediately enter its most famous chowk. Nasal Chowk was used for coronations, a practice that continued until as recently as with the crowning of King Gyanendra. The coronation platform is in the centre of the courtyard, while the earthquake-damaged Basantapur Tower looms over its southern end.

Southwest of Asan Tole at the junction known as Kel Tole, this temple attracts both Buddhists and Hindus — Buddhists consider Seto White Machhendranath to be a form of Avalokiteshvara, while to Hindus he is a rain-bringing incarnation of Shiva. The arched entrance to the temple was destroyed in the earthquake and the temple is currently closed for repairs. The long, rectangular courtyard of the Itum Bahal is the largest bahal Buddhist monastery courtyard in the old town and remains a haven of tranquillity in the chaotic surroundings.

On the western side of the courtyard is the Kichandra Bahal, one of the oldest bahals in dawa za kisuna za uzazi city, dating from A chaitya in front of the entrance has been completely shattered by a Bodhi tree, which has grown right up through its centre. Inside the building is Kumari Chowk, a three-storey courtyard. It is enclosed by magnificently carved wooden balconies and windows, making it quite possibly the most beautiful courtyard in Nepal.

From dawn until dusk the six-spoked junction of Asan Tole is jammed with vegetable and spice vendors selling everything from yak tails to dried fish. Cat Stevens allegedly wrote his hippie-era song 'Kathmandu' in a smoky teahouse in Asan Tole. The beautifully restored Swapna Bagaicha Garden of Dreams remains one of the most serene and beautiful enclaves in Kathmandu.

It's two minutes' walk and a million miles from central Thamel. The section of the Hanuman Dhoka palace west of Nasal Chowk, overlooking the main Durbar Sq area, was constructed by the Ranas in the middle to late part of the 19th century. This wing bore the brunt of the damage in the earthquake.Thousands of women and girls from Nepal are trafficked into India each year, and many are forced into sex work.

The government is well aware of the problem of human trafficking, but interventions have been too minor to be effective. A few dozen meters behind her, an enormous stone gate marks the crossing into India.

Nationals of both countries have the right to cross freely, provided they can produce some form of identification. Children under 10 require no papers. The system is convenient for travelers—but not only for them. For years, the open border has enabled human traffickers to transport Nepalese women and girls to India with relative ease. Some of them have been recruited for domestic work in Indian homes, where conditions range from tolerable to highly exploitative. Many others have been forced into sex work or sent to third countries.

Around 20 to 30 suspected victims of trafficking are stopped here on a daily basis for more detailed questioning by Maiti Nepal or representatives of other NGOs. A short bus ride into Nepal lies Bhairahawa, a small, dusty border town, where a larger office of Maiti Nepal is located. The office doubles as a kind of transit home, where victims of human trafficking are temporarily sheltered before being reunited with their families or transferred to shelters in the capital, Kathmandu.

The United Nations defines human trafficking as the recruitment, transfer or harboring of persons through force or deception for the purpose of exploitation. No comprehensive figures exist for the number of Nepalese women and girls trafficked across the border into India. The border is nearly 1, miles long and very porous, with only 14 checkpoints. But 3 Angels Nepal, another anti-trafficking charity, estimates that 30, women and young girls are smuggled from Nepal to India each year.

According to its data, most victims are between 12 and 25 years old, though some are as young as 8. The number of traffickers apprehended by the SSB has also risen, from just eight in to inin and in But experts and law enforcement officials believe the numbers of victims and perpetrators documented by the SSB are just a fraction of the total. At Maiti Nepal, the number of interceptions and rescues per month ranges from 15 to 50, Chanda says. In a downstairs room at the Bhairahawa branch office, she pulls out a few files from a cupboard and starts going through them.

And they also raped the girls. The victims are not always female. In another case, Chanda says, seven boys aged between 7 and 19 were trafficked to India to work in restaurants or as domestic help.

Nepal has long been a nation of migrant workers, with remittances from abroad fueling almost a third of its GDP. That money has been necessary to support a local economy dragged down by the lack of a manufacturing base and declining agricultural production.

The economy was dealt a further blow by the earthquake in April that killed nearly 9, people. Large-scale campaigns from the government and NGOs have successfully heightened awareness about the risks of migration—especially the possibility of being roped into human trafficking networks—even among many trial balance example communities in Nepal.

Government-led interventions to actually curb trafficking, however, have been too small-scale to be effective. And in a country with few economic opportunities, many people can still be talked into trying their luck abroad. According to the SSB, employment middlemen, known as dalals in Nepali and Hindi, recruit heavily during the pre-harvest months of June to August, when families are in dire need of money and food. Oli, came to power earlier this year on the strength of a platform that emphasized the need for domestic growth and development, and at least moderate growth is expected in the immediate future.

is a cheap place to stay overnight where you can find cheap guest houses for a night. It lies in the heart of Kathmandu and near Dharahara. It is a local market, and you can meet very few tourists there. There are also many dance bars and clubs to enjoy the nightlife. environmentalmarkets.eu › Blogs › Nepal Travel Guide.

Thamel Kathmandu facts you must know before visiting. Thamel environmentalmarkets.eundu red light areathis video is about Thamel walking street at. kathmandu thamel nightlife | थमेलको नाइट क्लबमा येस्तो सम्म गर्छन् केटिहरु | Themal night clove.

Men from decent families fear being sighted in the so called 'Red Light' areas. Kathmandu's Sin City, strangely harmoniously coexists within a regular.

Just like in Kathmandu, honestly, you can find cute Nepali girls for happy ending in Cabin Restaurant, hotels, and clubs. Do you want to find out more? Well. At first sight, Thamel might look like a tourist hotspot or a red light district, as it boasts numerous hotels, bars, cafés, bookshops, and temples as well as. So it would be better to legalise prostitution and separate the red light zone. Legalisation of prostitution will provide legal protection. Thamel (Nepali: ठमेल) is a commercial neighborhood located in Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal.

Thamel has been the centre of the tourist industry in. Deputy Superintendent of Police Binod Singh of the Kathmandu Valley Crime Investigation Branch told us, "We should designate red-light areas. I stood on a street corner in Thamel—the touristy area of Kathmandu—at about from a tourist hub to a seedy red light district in the span of 30 minutes. Kathmandu officially the Kathmandu Metropolitan City (Nepali: काठमाडौं महानगरपालिका), is the capital and most populous city of Nepal. Featuring rooms with a private bathroom, Kathmandu Eco Hotel is located at Thamel, the bustling tourist hub of Kathmandu.

A rooftop area with dining tables. tion in Kathmandu must be seen in light of a class and gender politics of the city never developed the highly visible "red light" zones. Excellent stay close to the busy Thamel. Flo_und_Isa, COUPLES May 09, So, we are travelling since half a year.

This was a place where we. Breakfast quantity is good but need to develop variety in Indian foods. Hotel for stay with family but Thamel area converted after 10 PM in red light area. So. This has further congested pedestrians and traffic in areas that were already crowded. A er reviewing various literature on street design and urban.

The Moon phase calculator shows exact times of the various moon phases for Kathmandu, Nepal in year or in other locations and years. We'll get to Detective Sukum; for the moment picture me, if you will, a Eurasian Bangkok cop on my way to one of our most popular red-light districts with a. From grooming sessions to intense massage therapies, Mount Heaven lives up to its name by offering a variety of massage therapies and parlor treatments to.