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Well I can tell you, based on many years of experience, that with my top 10 RV modifications that not only will you be able to, you will do it with ease and comfort. You are going to need water and lots of it. Many vans, and especially camper trailers, only come with one water tank and often it is not very big.

I like to carry at least L but it really depends on how many of you there are. So the easiest way to solve this problem is to fit another water tank under your van. Get the biggest one that will fit without putting you over your weight limit once the tank has been filled. This is also important when free-camping. I have a Ah battery bank made up of four Ah batteries that run parallel with each other.

It depends on what you want to run. Then you have lighting, fans, tablets, phones, TV, laptops, etc. I have W of solar with W panels on the roof and an 8m-long twin-core cable to allow the length needed when the camper is wound up. On the end of the leads I use Anderson plugs. Then I have a W portable solar panel with a 10m-long cable and Anderson plug that allows me to chase the sun during the day.

Now, this one is not a necessity but it depends on the individual. So what size and brand should you get? I recommend a 2kVA Honda as they are the quiet and efficient. I find an inverter to be necessary. I use it for my coffee machine, toaster, and laptop and to run our twin-tub washing machine. With three girls, I need a washing machine. My inverter is a W Giandel pure sine wave inverter with W maximum power. The size you need depends on what you want to operate with it. It is important to get a pure sine wave as this will protect your electrical goods.

A battery charger is always good to have. I use a 25Ah charger that is always connected to my batteries so when I start my generator, or I am connected to mains power, the battery charger automatically kicks in. If your camper or van is not rigged with a hot water system, then I have a simple and not overly expensive solution.

I also bought a 4kg gas cylinder and holder, and a 12V pump. I then found a good welder and had him make a box for the pump and weld the gas cylinder holder and 12V pump box to the drawbar.That's very impressive makeover Surah yaseen in hindi sure you'll be having a great time riding on your vehicle.

Two thumbs up! Post a Comment. Caravan Modifications and Upgrades. I thought i should take the time to document the changes and upgrades i have made to my caravan. As has been mentioned and can be seen in the main blog pages, i have a Jayco Expanda This is the Bunk version since we have two children, one of which, Bianca, is taller now than i am.

The During the ordering process with Jayco i relied heavily on the yahoo Expanda Forum, expandaownersaustraliawhich is a great source of information on anything Jayco Expanda.

Since delivery i have, with the help of the forum, made more changes to the van to suit our needs. Photos to follow Pre-Delivery 1. Bayonet Gas fitting for the WeberQ When we purchased the van we had expectation of eating outside due to our use of the campertrailer. As i did not want to be carrying a second gas bottle around we added the bayonet fitting for the gas to the van. Now, when we stop, it is a simple matter of plugging in the WeberQ and drawing off the main van gas bottle.

Travel protection against dirt. Email This BlogThis! Subscribe to: Posts Atom.For the most part we love it, the layout and finish is perfect for us but one thing has been an impractical nuisance from the beginning so a bit of modification was called for.

The wardrobes in the bedroom section of our van are a good size and are long enough to hang clothes without them bunching up on the base of the cupboard, BUT, whoever designed a hanging rail to run in an east to west direction that is your clothes hang from front to back needs their head read!

You may be thinking it was to fit coat hangers across the width of the wardrobe but no, we have had to buy shorter than normal ones to fit across anyway. And so to our modification, after a bit of measuring and checking for practicality, we have made our own solution. A quick trip to Bunnings gave us all the bits and pieces needed to fashion up our own hanging rails for the caravan wardrobes which will now mean clothes will hang in a usual and practical north south direction making it possible to see and access everything hanging.

The depth of the wardrobe is slightly more than the width so clothes will hang on a slight angle but I can live with that or I will find or create hangers that are slightly shorter again than the current ones. I have never heard of east west hanging …. Given our wardrobe items and unfashionable attire, generally, we will be dispensing with hangers altogether and adding shelves.

Like Liked by 1 person. It certainly seemed a crazy set up to us too, and yes shelving seems to be the most popular way to go.

Five modifications that can make your caravan overweight

The crazy hanging situations in vans is probably why some people only use their shower for hanging clothes. For some strange law of physics a few clothes neatly folded on each shelf seem to stay neat, tidy and well behaved. Like Like. They are working well now and we still stack some clothes in other cupboards too, but I do love having decent hanging space for those few things that will stay better and uncreased looking on a hanger. Luckily, that too was an easy fix.

Indeed… Mind you, some designers do prioritise form over function. I do love a piece of beautifully designed kit that is also really easy or ergonomic to use. Like Liked by 2 people. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account.


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Find it here. Type your search. Contact Need more info on something for your caravan or RV. Send us a message. Don't fill this field! Make a Booking Your van will thank you!Get your caravan organised in no time with 52 caravan hacks, storage ideas and mods. Who am I kidding? This gig is forever changing. But we have tried and failed so many different ways of doing things in our tiny home on wheels, right down to which bloody bin works.

Not only does everything need to fit in, plus weigh no more than a feather, but it needs to be out of the the way and preferably not need to be packed away every time we move. So far, so good. A lot of these storage ideas are not just great for a caravan, but may also work really well for a camper trailer, motorhome or RV. This post contains affiliate links.

For more information, see our disclosures here. Everything in our shower lives permanently in the caddy, which means the shower is always travel-ready. Ours has never fallen off either and is one of my favourite caravan hacks! These ripper Suction Shower Caddies can hold up to 5kg and are removable and reusable. Suction hooks in the shower are another one of our caravan storage ideas, perfect for drying the kids towels out of the way adult ones can be a bit too heavy once wet.

These silicone waterproof hooks are brilliant as they can hold up to 2kg and you can move them around as needed. An added bonus is that if you do forget to clip the door back for travel, the magnets will catch the door, rather than it banging open and closed the whole time.

Get yourself a roll of Magnetic Strip with adhesive backing. Sticky hooks are one of the greatest caravan hacks — literally for everything! Get a pack of super strong Adhesive Hooks off eBay. We quickly got fed-up with the towel rail in the hallway across from the kids bunks. So we removed the rail and wow, it opened up the hallway so much! Sticky hooks however are definitely not strong enough to hold an adult towel, so we screwed in two metal hooks to the wall between the shower cubical and the toilet.

That way they are out of the way, but still easily accessible. Get a pack of handy Screw-in Hooks. In the beginning we had a plastic washing basket that lived in the shower for our dirty washing. But moving it in and out when showering and having nowhere to put it that was out of the waygrew old pretty quickly. The foldable fabric Laundry Hamper is one of the more practical caravan storage ideas for your dirty washing.

We attached a toilet brush holder that attaches to the wall behind the toilet. Simpleexoplayerview example android know how annoying it is when you arrive at your destination only to find a whole roll of loo paper unravelled on the bathroom floor? Yep, you forgot to remove the toilet roll from the holder before travel!

Well no more of those worries when you store the loo paper on the toilet brush handle. So far, with this particular one of our caravan storage ideas, the toilet paper has never unravelled!Updated: Nov 12, After 7 weeks on the road and having finished our outback adventure, we made our way home to Melbourne, giving us a chance to catch up on a few things including repair jobs as well as 3 weeks of some promised dog sitting.

We had always planned on being home for August and as expected, Shelby, a foxy and Delta, a miniature poodle arrived to stay with us taking the number of dogs in the house to five. With the house full of dogs, I called my previous employer and let them know I was home for a month and available to work if needed, starting work the next day. The extra cash would sure come in handy, particularly with the repairs and mods bill. Anyway, being home, we emptied the van and everything came out and I mean everything.

Every draw was emptied and cleaned, every cupboard vacuumed, even the mattress came out and the cover washed as we tried to remove as much of the red dust as possible. At the same time we emptied the car, determined to only put back what we actually used and needed. In total, Denise did about 8 loads of washing which included our dirty stuff as well as what we thought was clean but turns out was covered in a layer of dust anyway.

In addition to this, I had a list of things to fix, repair or modify before our next trip. Looking at the list with the "must do" repairs and the "like to do" modifications getting longer, it was time to start at the top and figure out where the red dust had been getting in. Surprisingly red dust had got into just about every cupboard including the ones above the bed so the hunt was on to find out where it was getting in.

Across the front of the van where two pieces of fiberglass meet is a joiner and a quick inspection revealed that the sealant had dried and in places had come away from the top panel. This would allow dust and even water to get in behind. An easy fix with a quick clean and a new bead of sealant, however, this would have only let dust in the lower section of the van, not likely the overhead cupboards so the search continued. The StarCraft has a cover logics wife age the front window which is hinged at the top.

I am guessing that due to the corrugations, the screws on either end of the hinge had stripped and pulled free from the van exposing the screw holes. Despite thinking I had previously sealed all the holes under the van, crawling under again at night with all the lights on and an extra spot light in the draws and cupboards proved that I had either missed quite a few or the new gaps had opened up during travel.

Another tube of sealant and another hour under the van and this time I am confident the dust wont be coming in from around any hose or pipe. The caravan was in desperate need a wheel alignment with one tyre out of the four wearing badly on the outside edge. The tyre will need to be replaced but i'll try and get another couple of k's of it before I do. All the cupboards where all showing signs of rattling loose in some way or form.

The 9mm screws used in 10mm chipboard or ply are really not up to the job for even a semi off road van but this is what they use on an Outback. Armed with a screwdriver, a tube of liquid nails and an assortment of different replacement screws, every screw in the van was checked, replaced or glued as well as extra screws added to each and every draw runner.Jayco Melbourne 26a ford e Select a Jayco Series. By purchasing from a local dealer, you will have a convenient location for sales, parts and service support.

Quantity: 1. Jayco, Inc. Jayco was first mentioned on PissedConsumer on Jul 15, and since then this brand received reviews. Whether your looking for a fifth wheel, travel trailer or folding camper we have just what you need to get started on your next adventure. Inventory Locations Williamstown N. The Jayco Melbourne 24L is a Class C with a full length slide out and everything you could need to travel the countryside. Engineered for superior on-the-road performance and loaded with residential amenities, Greyhawk makes every mile enjoyable.

The M wouldn't work for us but we researched this model and thought that the L might be a better Member. Not actual photos of stock Ringgold, GA. Back to List. Jayco Jayco Motorhome seat covers are necessary for Jayco owners who are wise about protecting their investment by covering their front and rear seats.

InJayco introduced the Jay Flight travel trailers which as of today, has been the 1 selling travel trailers in North America for thirteen years straight. Buy It Now. Pricing Information. Jayco Overview. Join Date: Sep Fifth Wheels This Melbourne Class C comfortably sleeps 4. Johnson RV in Oregon … the jayco melbourne 24l is the most well designed and well built class c motorhome in existence - the mercedes turbo diesel and chassis is second to none - jayco's warranty is the best in the industry - fantastic floor plans and use of space - rides and drives like a luxury car - highly recommend the melbourne to anyone looking for a class c - … Jayco Melbourne 26A in Lake Country, British Columbia, Canada Jayco RV Covers.

How to Upgrade Your Jayco Caravan for Off-Grid Camping [Video]

Jayco rv owners forum. We have looked at many units and test drove A and C class motorhomes. 35 Most Popular Jayco Camper Trailer Modifications · 1.

Add a mattress topper · 2. Hang some magnetic fly screen door curtains · 3. Install a. Nov 21, - Modifying my van to suit me & the kids. See more ideas about jayco, extra storage, modification.

Jayco Mods - Tinkerers Paradise! Discuss updates, modifications, rebuilds and upgrades to your Jayco. I found after installing a bbq slide in the front boot that the anti flap kit and things were hard to get to.

You'll love these simple inexpensive mods that you can do for your caravan, or camper. Cleaver storage for a weber Q, night lighting which.

Top 5 Internal Mods for Jayco Starcraft / Journey RV partition off the bedroom for "Mummy Daddy time" or just some simple mods to make. Iestyn Rawlings, who wrote this article and who has heavily modified his Jayco Swan for free-camping, is pictured here with his wife and.

Read More. Shop Jayco Camper Trailer Modifications & Accessories. View all. CARAVAN MODIFICATIONS. Jayco Swan Outback towed by a Toyota HJ Last Modified 07/16/ Please post up your modifications on your Jayco Camping trailers and once ours arrives, I will do the same. I was not aware until a friend (a. The guys have also created an incredible list: "35 Most Popular Jayco Camper Trailer Modifications"!!

Click here to see how they created this clothesline mod. If you have had your van customised by Jayco at the factory or dealership it would be great to know the details and extent of the modifications.

OKAJARO | Caravan & Trailer Engineering Specialists | ATM Upgrades, Mobile Service, JAYCO BASESTATION – Increase ATM by kg – no modification required.

Find jayco modifications ads in our Camper Trailers category. Buy and sell almost anything on Gumtree classifieds. Bed End Plate x4 Ply Wood Protectors to suit Jayco Camper Trailers Modification.

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☆Quality Guaranteed-Over + SOLD % Satisfaction☆. Here's the most popular Jayco Camper Trailer modifications that people have made the mods the make the biggest difference to your camping experience. Jayco Modifications – Wardrobe Hanging Space. We've had our (new to us) Jayco Silverline for around 18 months now and have done quite a bit.

This is one of those Jayco camper trailer modifications that gives great bang for buck: These bed fly conversion kits from Supa Peg via eBay will save you a. 52 ULTIMATE Caravan storage ideas, hacks, mods and solutions! Save space, simplify your set-up. Also for Camper Trailers, Motorhomes & RV's.

jayco mods forum See more ideas about jayco, extra storage, modification. Blow Out I Jayco Motorhome Owners Forum. Print. Maybe cloud save is corrupted?