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This function simplifies the common pattern of checking for a key in a KeyedContainer and using a default value if the key is not present. You should NOT use idx as a replacement for accessing elements of KeyedContainers, since this makes the code harder to reason about. Writing this out the long way would look like this:. This is verbose, and duplicates the variable name and index name, which can lead to errors.

With idxyou can simplify the expression:. Just as an aside, Hack has a null coalesce operator which interacts with with subscripting operations in an unusual way. If you expect 'key' to always exist, do not use idx! This code is misleading, since the default value of idx null will never be used.

SQL Hacks by Andrew Cumming, Gordon Russell

This will throw an OutOfBoundsException if the 'key' is somehow not present. This is a good thing, since it will alert you that your mental model of the code is wrong, instead of continuing with null or the default silently. If you are tasked with fixing a bug that is caused by an OutOfBoundsException it is often tempting to use idx and set a default in place.

This is hiding the underlying problem. Chances are that the programmer before you freepie wiimote expected the key to always be present. Try to figure out why this might be the case. If this KeyedContainer is being used to access keys which are static in the source code, it might be helpful to change the code to use a shape instead if possible.

This will instruct the typechecker to validate that the keys are present. The following behavior is deprecated and should not be relied upon. Because of backwards compatiblity, idx treats strings like arrays of characters.

This is not allowed by the typechecker, since string is not a KeyedContainer. Search our Documentation.The LinkedIn Social Selling Index was created as a formula to quantify how well your team has embraced social selling on a scale from 1 to The SSI is calculated using the four elements of social selling:.

Make sure to have a summary, a headline, a job title, and experience. All the content in your profile should showcase the value you bring to potential buyers. Remember, LinkedIn is no longer just an online repository for resumes. Everything you publish must speak to your buyers. If you have the free version of LinkedIn, use keywords and Boolean operators when conducting an Advanced Search on LinkedIn to ensure you get the most accurate results for new prospects.

Also, take advantage of Saved Searches for trigger-based selling, so you get weekly or daily updates on new prospects. It allows you to use any filter you want to locate prospects within an organization, and then save those leads in one place under the named account.

Share your own company content and third-party content with your connections, through InMails, and within your industry-specific groups. Your buyers are searching for answers to their problems, so share key insights to get onto their radars. Publish your own content directly via LinkedIn Publisher. After having a two-way engagement with a prospect, be sure to add them as a connection to your professional network.

Why limit your chances of penetrating a new account by only connecting with one stakeholder? Actively follow their LinkedIn activity, engage the content they share, and make an effort to touch base with them on a weekly or monthly basis. While preparing your sales outreach, you should consider which communication channel will be most effective — phone or Zoom call, InMail or email — or you might wish to mix them.

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March 9, Jamie Shanks. Share on email. Share on facebook. Share on linkedin. Share on twitter. The SSI is calculated using the four elements of social selling: Establish your professional brand: How complete is your LinkedIn profile? Was your profile made with your customer in mind? Are you publishing meaningful posts to become a thought leader in your industry? Find the right people: Are you using efficient search and research tools, such as the Advanced Search or Lead Builder functions, to identify better prospects in less time?

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Empath Up! Views Total views. Actions Shares. No notes for slide. Demystifying google hacks 1. This enables malicious users like hackers, crackers, and script kiddies etc to use Google search engine extensively to gather confidential or sensitive information which is not visible through common searches. Note there can be no space between the "link:" and the web page url.

Note there can be no space between the "related:" and the web page url. Note there can be no space between the "cache:" and the web page url.When interviewing a candidate, you might be a bit hesitant to ask any sort of personal questions. But what these personal questions can reveal about a candidate can actually say a lot about their future behaviors in the workplace.

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Sign up for our weekly newsletter. Search for: Search. Copy link. Copy Copied.Cryptocurrency hacks continue to be a problem for the industry. Image: Shutterstock.

Indexed Finance is a DeFi project built on Ethereum. It produces tokens that track market indexes. The attack was typical of DeFi exploits: the hacker took advantage of the flash loan mechanism by overloading the protocol with new assets.

Google Hacking: What is a Google Hack?

This lowered the price of the Indexed tokens, which then allowed the attacker to mint new ones and cash them out.

He added that a compensation plan will be put together. They then gave him an ultimatum: return the funds by midnight on Saturday or else they would contact law enforcement.

He would not tell Decrypt if they were negotiating with the hacker. In the minutes before the deadline elapsed, ZetaZeroes made changes to his accounts that have made us realise at the last minute that the attacker is significantly younger than we thought.

Day did not add whether they would contact law enforcement today. DeFi, or decentralized finance, is a catch-all term for projects that want to automate traditional financial tools, like banks. They aim to provide loans, interest, and asset swaps without banks or other intermediaries via smart contracts—bits of code that carry out instructions.

Most are built on Ethereum, the blockchain that houses the second-biggest cryptocurrency by market cap. But DeFi is an experimental industry—the protocols are very new—and it is prone to hacks.

Indexed is not the first to suffer such a big exploit. Many projects have been able to recuperate some of the stolen funds. But the huge hacks happening each month are a reminder that the space is new, experimental and risky. Read on the Decrypt App for the best experience. Motoscan app the best experience, top crypto news at your fingertips and exclusive features download now.

News DeFi. By Mathew Di Salvo 3 min read. Create an account to save your articles. Those working on the project say they have found out who the hacker is. It is one of many DeFi projects that have been hacked this year.

The ultimatum has not been met. Load More.More Videos Cybersecurity expert: Ransomware criminals are in it for the money. China lockdown is hitting world's biggest chipmakers. Melania Trump sells digital painting of her eyes.

The top 10 business stories of Airlines cancel more than 6, flights amid Omicron. Economist predicts how Omicron will impact the economy. There is a candy cane shortage in US this year. Your next flight could be delayed thanks to 5G network. TV host shows positive tests on-air: 'I have Covid'. US grapples with shortage of child care workers. Tax suppression software costs US billions annually. Why Santas are in short supply this year.

This Texas startup is 3D printing a neighborhood. Is it the future of housing? Cruz lambasts United CEO at hearing over employee mandate. In a report released Wednesday, cybersecurity company McAfee discovered a vulnerability that allows hackers to access Peloton's bike screen and potentially spy on riders using its microphone and camera.

According to McAfee's Advanced Threat Research team, a hacker can discreetly control the stationary bike's screen remotely and interfere with its operating system. That means hackers could, for example, install apps that look like Netflix or Spotify and steal the users' log-in information. Perhaps more alarmingly, the cybersecurity team was able spy on users via the camera and microphone, which is normally used for video chats with other users.

It also warned the hacker could configure this spyware at any point, including during the supply chain or delivery process, without the owner knowing. Internet-connected devices, whether they are bikes, computers or even refrigerators, are all susceptible to hacks. Cyberattacks have increasingly caught the public's attention, with high-profile companies including McDonald's, Microsoft and Electronic Arts publicly revealing recent security breaches.

Read More. McAfee said it pored over Peloton's software with a "critical eye" to find vulnerabilities and warn users. The two companies worked together to "responsibly develop and issue a patch.

Peloton PTON released a mandatory software update that fixes the issue to users earlier this month. The security risk doesn't affect the lower-priced Peloton Bike because it uses a different type of touchscreen. This is an important reminder for users of all connected devices to activate automatic software updates to keep them protected against the latest attacks, according to McAfee. This report marks the second security concern for Peloton in two months. In May, the fitness firm released a security update that sealed a leak that was revealing personal account information, such as a user's age, city and weight.

News of that bug was released the same day Peloton recalled its treadmill after a child died and others were injured while the machine was operating.Kentico 12 MVC is a flexible framework for website development. After analyzing a few ways we could handle this, we landed on customizing the content of the search index as the most bang for our buck. First, we need to implement an event handler for DocumentsEvents. This module needs to be accessible by both the Admin and the Website, so it is created in a library that is shared across both solutions.

To handle this parsing, we can use Json. In case we need to easily add more content to this page for indexing, we can create an extension method on DocumentSearchEventArgs to pass in the content to be appended. With this Kentico dev hack, our end users can also enjoy more relevant site search results. Kentico Xperience Features and benefits. NET Core. Crossville Studios offers different products in different regions throughout the United States. This PIM solution enables custom user experiences on the site, so users see different products based on their zip code or IP address.

We created a custom, centralized PIM and PLM system for Hunter Fan to handle the consistent and accurate output of product data across multiple outbound channels and hundreds of downstream data partner websites and apps. We conducted primary research for this parts manufacturer to identify their most profitable opportunities, implemented PIM for their organization, and moved them to ecommerce sales for the first time.

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We helped Hunter Fan break into the industrial fan space for the first time with this brochure-site-turned-lead-generation engine. This project created huge response for an important social issue—on a shoestring budget. Vidant Health went through a system-wide redesign.

We took Hunter Fan direct-to-consumer for the first time. And we achieved double the application submissions—while maintaining quality and using less than half their previous annual budget. We built an ecommerce website to handle the wide range of products that performs beautifully on desktop, tablet, smartphone, and touch-interface kiosks located in-store.

We created a streamlined UX while integrating three disparate back-end systems to enhance the online experience for the second largest employer of blind and visually impaired persons in the country. We designed a simpler homepage with benefits-focused content and built multiple microsites to launch their new look and feel. We quickly designed, built, and launched a new website with thought leadership around a complex topic: big data.

This PIM solution for Royal Brass and Hose enabled users to browse products, create shopping lists, and save bulk orders. Cyber-Warfare- Hacking-Al-Qaida-and-Terrorismg/ - [DIR] Denial-of-Service/ - [DIR] Enumeration/ - [DIR] Evading-IDS-Firewall-and-Honeypot/ - [DIR]. If a link is not working, kindly switch to the next tab(source) if available to display a different set of download links as shown below.

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Icon Name Last modified Size Description. [PARENTDIR] Parent Directory - [DIR]. Google Hack - Free download as Text File .txt), PDF File .pdf) or read online for free. intitle:"index of" passwords modified. Index of /contrib/south/hacks/. Name, Last Modified, Size, Type. Parent Directory/, - Directory., SepK, text/x-python. When optimizing your Kentico 12 MVC Smart Search index, you may run into a snag if you're trying to index content stored within widgets.