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One of the most frustrating problems is getting an indefinite Download pending message when trying to download an app or a game. In case you come across this error, here are several ways on how you can troubleshoot the problem. While at it, you can check your internet speed here. If the problem persists, check with your internet service provider.

More: 5G vs 4G: Understanding the difference for you. In the meantime, you can switch to mobile data if you have a data plan that you can use. To do so:. The Download pending message persists depending on the size and number of apps downloading at the same time. Low storage space may also prevent you from downloading asuswrt merlin reddit apps.

Go to your file manager to check on how much space you have left. You can also uninstall all the apps you never use. Once you have sufficient space, attempt re-downloading your app. Restart your device if your download is still pending despite your internet, and storage space being optimal.

It may be a simple measure but restarting your device can troubleshoot many problems on your device. More: Why your Android device gets hot and how to fix it. Go to the Google Play Store site on your browser, log in to your Google account and search for the app you want.

A drop-down list of available devices will pop up. Select the device onto which you want to install the app and the download should start on your device in a matter of seconds. Clearing app data solves most problems, specifically deleting app cache. Follow these steps to clear Play Store cache and other app data:.

More: How to move from iPhone to Android: Moving files and contacts. If your download is still pending after all these — you might need to update your system. On some devices, such as Samsung the Software update option will be on its own in the settings menu.

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Strictly Necessary Cookie should be enabled at all times so that we can save your preferences for cookie settings. If you disable this cookie, we will not be able to save your preferences. This means that every time you visit this website you will need to enable or disable cookies again. Check your internet connection Poor or no internet connection is usually the first suspect in most Play Store issues.

More: 5G vs 4G: Understanding the difference for you In the meantime, you can switch to mobile data if you have a data plan that you can use. To do so: Go to the Play Store menu. Go to Settings click on App download preference and short report the Over any network option. Check for other running downloads and updates Concurrent downloads and updates may prevent your current download from running.Downloading apps from the Google Play Store should be a straightforward process.

However, users may sometimes encounter a problem where the note on the screen says that the download is pending, but the download never progresses from the pending stage.

9 Methods To Fix Google Play Store Download Pending Error

Since there are many possible causes of this glitch, you should test out a number of methods before you find the solution. This article will guide you through them. An overloaded cache can cause an app to malfunction, which can sometimes happen with the Play Store.

This is especially frequent when you have many apps that the Play Store needs to check for updates for and perform other related actions.

The Play Store automatically downloads all the newest versions of your apps on your device. This means that it is possible that your app is at the end of the queue, and you should push it to the top. Some users manage to fix the issue by removing their Google account from the Play Store and then adding it back. To do this, you need to:. If your device is running low on storage space, it will restrict you from downloading new apps.

To check how much space you have left, you should:. As such, make sure that you get rid of them to make way for new ones. Also, a malfunctioning SD card can sometimes cause problems while downloading new apps. If it downloads as usual to your internal storage, consider changing the card.

If you have a VPN, you should disable it before trying to download the app again.


For example, this can happen if a new VPN update has glitches. Try it out, and if the error disappears, try to reinstall the VPN. If you trust the site or app, disable the feature, if applicable, and try again. Also, sometimes changing the time and date for a short time and then turning them back to the way they were may fix your issue. One of the most obvious solutions is to check if your wireless or data connection is working normally. If you have enough bandwidth on your data plan, switch the WiFi network off and turn Mobile Data on.

If the app starts to download, then the problem was in the network all along. One of the problems with smartphones these days is that there are still limitations with cellular data regardless of unlimited data plans.

When your phone is connected to WiFi and plugged in to charge, your apps should automatically update. Fortunately, you can change some settings that let the Google Play Store update apps over Cellular. Depending on the manufacturer of your phone, the option may say Allow background data usage.

If it says Open, then the app is up-to-date. However, if the app says Update, there is a newer version of the software available. From here, tap Manage at the top. Then, tap Updates Available. This will show you a complete list of apps on your phone that can be updated. Hopefully, some of the steps from above helped you fix this issue.Android Enthusiasts Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for enthusiasts and power users of the Android operating system. It only takes a minute to sign up.

Connect and share knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to search. Good day, as the title states, whenever I download an app from the Play Store, it just says Download Pending. There is no queued apps being downloaded. I tried the force stop, clear cache, clear data and uninstall updates of Play store and Download Manager, restarted the phone, but still no luck.

One thing I notice is that when I revert it to the factory version, I managed to download an app, but when I tried to download another, it just says Error When I opened the Play Store, it's the latest version again.

At the top right, click the three dots, then Click Uninstall updates to revert to the original version of Play Store that came with the phone. Follow the same instructions again for the Google Play Services app, but this time use Clear cache instead of Clear data. In doing so, you will delete only Play Store info data. Hence you should not worry about losing important files. If you use Marshmallow or later Android versions, select "Storage", and then clear cache and data from that page.

If you installed launcher on your mobile then uninstall it. Because sometimes if you have multiple launchers installed on your mobile then play store doesn't work as expected. Sign up to join this community.

The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Stack Overflow for Teams — Collaborate and share knowledge with a private group. Create a free Team What is Teams? Learn more. Asked 4 years, 11 months ago. Active 2 years, 2 months ago. Viewed 24k times. K-all [0] [PR] Improve this question. Have you checked clearing cache of google play services — Rahul Gopi.The Google Play Store is the default app store on all Android devices. And most of us rely on the same for downloading new apps and games given the trustworthiness and availability of applications.

However, at times, you might face download pending issues in the Play Store app, leading to frustration when trying to download something. Keep reading. Pending or stuck downloads are one of the most common issues faced by Play Store users.

There could be a lot of reasons behind the same, which can be rectified using the troubleshooting steps below. The first and the most basic thing you need to check is whether you have a stable internet connection with good enough speeds for downloads. There are chances that your mobile internet is down or is working terribly slow for some reason.

Connect to a WiFi network or wait until you get into an area with a good network, if solely on cellular data. After that, you can continue updating other applications. To avoid such issues in the future, go to the Play Store settings and either disable auto-updates or limit them to WiFi. For starters, a minimum of MB free is what Google has decided for downloading apps from the platform. So, do keep track of the available room on your Android device.

One can use Files by Google for the same. Giving Play Store a fresh start can help fix a lot of general problems, including stuck downloads despite having stable connections, enough storage, and clear queue. Now, this is because your Google Account is in sync mode or downloading the apps linked with the account.

So, just wait for the sync or download to complete and then try again. To speed up the process, you can disable account data sync in settings for a minute or two and enable it again. The steps mentioned above will most probably rectify the download pending issue for most Google Play Store users.

However, if you are regularly facing problems in the app, then it is recommended to uninstall Play Store updates and update it again. Now, click the three dots on the top right corner and tap Uninstall Updates. Confirm when prompted. So this was all about things you can do to fix the download pending issue in Google Play Store.Clearing the app cache of the Google Play Store app often solves a lot of problems, download pending issues included. Underneath the Disable, Uninstall updates, and Force stop buttons, you will see App notifications and other options.

Tap on Storage. Make sure Google Play is closed and then hit the Clear Cache button. When you clear data for Google Play Store, the apps on your phone and their data will remain intact.

If you delete this data, chances are Google Play services will just recreate it, although 3. Go to Apps or Application Manager. Scroll to All apps and then scroll down to the Google Play Store app. Open the app details and tap the Force stop button. The reason why using Force Stop is recommended when trying to fix a misbehaving app it is 1 it kills of the current running instance of that app and 2 it means that the app will no longer be accessing any of its cache files, which leads us to step 2: Clear Cache.

The Android operating system itself does not require Google play services to run smoothly. There is no need to install Google Play service and it will not be force stop paypal mining software it is always running all the time.

A section called App power monitor will suggest apps that you can put to sleep, preventing the app s from using any battery by running in the background until the next time you open the app.

Keep in mind, putting an app to sleep could prevent it from receiving an alert or notification. No matter how many times you terminate them, they stay running in the background. Force Stopping an app will completely and immediately end all foreground and background processes related to that particular app. Open Playstore, click top left and select My Apps, scroll down the list of your unstalled apps, select the one you want and you should see an option to open it.

Here is the following give list of the Android system apps that are safe to uninstall or disable:. Disabling or force stopping do not delete the app. The simply shut it down. The primary management tools that affect the app functionality are the notification settings and the permissions.

The notifications make it easy to move YouTube to the back-burner without actually deleting the app. Destiny 2. How do you fix download pending?

Why are apps stuck on download pending? What happens if I clear data on Google Play store? Is it safe to clear Google Play store data? Can I force stop Google Play Store? Is it OK to force stop an app? What happens if I force stop play store? Is it OK to put an app to sleep? Where is the force stop button? What happen if I force stop an app? How do I reverse force stop? What apps are safe to disable on Android? What happens if we force stop YouTube?Get your Insider exclusive Feywalker's Pack!

Discussion in ' Mobile ' started by ShyMasterMay 6, By continuing to access the Razer sites; using Razer services or by closing this dialog, you agree to our amended policies. Log in or Sign up. Log in Razer Insider. Anything I try to download from the play store stucks on 'downloading' or download pending and takes a few hours to eventually download ive tried uninstalling updates for the play store, clearing cache and data on play store, play services, download manager and even restarted my phone.

I've even tried removing and re-adding my account. I've tried everything google play help says to do but none of it has worked.

I read one similar post here in razer insider mentioning an app have caused this issue and has fixed it but didn't mention what app it was. Please help. ShyMasterMay 6, This post is so informative and impressive for me. Janny78May 7, Are you using wifi or data? Sometimes using data doesnt let you download larger apps and you will need wifi. ShyMaster likes this. ShyMasterMay 7, This could be caused by insufficient storage. I encountered something similar on my Razer Phone, and fixed it by freeing up a lot of storage even though my device reported there being a lot of free space left both internally and on the microSD card.

LafarMay 8, This is an issue that crops up sometimes with the play store. It can be caused by a load of things from the play store having restricted access to downloading to a simple play store not updating to the most recent version. The 2nd part is an easy test. Reboot and then see if it fixes the issue. RoxMay 9,Occasionally, we may have a problem with Google Play on our Android phone. The application can cause problems in its operation on the phone.

We have already shown you what to do in case you get the message that the store has stopped. Also what to do in case it doesn't open. Today, we focus on another common Google Play problem on Android. In this case it is a failure in which it tells us that there is a pending download. But nothing is ever downloaded.

How To Solve The Google Play Store “Download Pending” Problem?

An annoying failure, but that we have different ways of being able to face on the phone. It is a failure that occurs relatively frequently and is annoying. Because prevents you from downloading applications from Google Play. Since this pending download message is left, it blocks the entire process. The important thing is to stay calm when this message comes out. Because we have several possible solutions.

In the same way that clear the cache From an application on your Android phone, you can do the same with the Google Play Store app on your phone. In many cases, the failure originates from the application's data stored in said cache. It is advisable to delete them from time to time, because if you do not do it, this type of failure may arise with the operation of the apps.

Go to the settings of your Android phone and find the Google Play Store app in the list. Enter it, and then select the option to clear cache. Once done, try to open the store again, the message should have been deleted by now. It is possible that the problem is with your Google account. In this case, the quickest and most effective solution is to delete and re-add the account In a simple way.

You have to go into the settings of your Android phone. Within them, go to the accounts section and there enter Google. On some Android phones, the Google account has its own section outside accounts. It depends on your phone. How to fix the Play Store download pending error · Clear your cache and data · Check for system updates · Change your Google Account · Uninstall and.

Open your device's Settings app Settings. · Tap Apps & notifications and then See all apps. · Scroll down and tap Google Play Store Google Play. › Internet › Security & Privacy › VPNs. How to Fix App Updates on Google Play Stuck on Pending ; Go to Settings.

Next, tap the App Management menu. ; Open the Play Store on your device. Cancel The Current Downloads An/Or Updates · Download Over Mobile Data If WiFi Doesn't Work · Turn Off The VPN App On Your Device · Delete Play. 1. Restart your phone · 2. Turn off your Bluetooth · 3. Check the time and date · 4. Check your download preferences · 5. Remove or install pending. Fixing Play Store “Download Pending” Error · Check app download preference · Check your internet connection · Clear Play Store cache and storage.

Reset phone · The most common and always ignored solution is to restart the device. · Clear cache and data from Google Play Store · Another very effective solution. SW update from Google play does not work says Download pending. If Google play store says “Download pending” Follow the Google guide. How to Fix Google Play Store “Download Pending” Error? · Solution 1: Check Out Wi-Fi and Internet Connection · Solution 2: Turn Off the VPN App if Activated.

Google Play “Download Pending” Issue · 1. Check your download queue · 2. Check your network connection · 3. Enable background data · 4. Clear cache and app data · 5. Fix Google Play Download Pending Error?

Check Current Downloads and Updates, Check your internet connectivity, Clear Cache, Update android. Check pending downloads · Connection issues · Check network preference on Play Store · Check your storage space · Remove and re-add your Google account on the Play. Download pending error on Google Play Store: How to fix it · Check your internet connection · Check for other running downloads and updates · Free up some space on.

Fix Download Pending Error on Google Play Store · 1.

How to Fix Download Pending Issue in Google Play Store

Stop Other Downloads · 2. Check Cellular Data Network · 3. Check Wi-Fi Connection · 4. Enable/Disable Airplane.

Method 1: Clear Google Play's Download Queue · Method 2: Restart Play Store App & Clear App Data · Method 3: Free Up Some Space On Your Device. Check the network and use Mobile Data; Clear Cache and Data from Google Play Store and Downloads.

If you can't download apps from the play store or you are getting a 'waiting to download' error while downloading apps from Google Play Store. Solutions to fix Google play stuck at “Download Pending” error? · Solution 1: Make your own way by checking the apps update section · Solution 2: Force stop play. Sometimes google play update pending because the apps misbehave. You can fix this error immediately using this trick.

Force stop the app and clear data of the.