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Telling family stories about crazy Uncle Joe or other eccentric relatives is a favorite pastime when families gather for the holidays. But will squirming children or Instagram-obsessed teens bother to listen? Actually, kids absorb more information from family stories than most adults think. And that knowledge bestows surprising psychological benefits, research shows. A Vietnam veteran who once worked as a roughneck in rattlesnake-infested oil fields, her uncle donned thick leather work boots, wrapped them in burlap, tromped through the grass and captured any rattlers that thrust their fangs into his protective gear.

Then he sold them to laboratories, where their venom was harvested for medicine. Blakeley, a doctoral candidate at Princeton University. How do you approach family conversations over the holidays? Join the conversation below. And the youngsters valued the stories for their lessons and insights. Family stories told face-to-face have advantages over social media. Or how his grandfather as a teenager at military school threw his bags out a second-floor window, jumped out and ran away on the day his parents planned to drive him to college.

His grandfather supported himself for a year as a bellhop in Chicago before returning, enrolling in college and mythical animal generator a career as an apparel wholesaler. While Mr. But he knew his grandparents had taken wild risks that turned out all right. So he drove cross-country with a friend, found work in his field and returned with valuable experience and a few stories of his own to tell.

Roveto has since graduated and is working in New York as a cinematographer.

Summer Listening: Audio books

His mother, Hannah Roveto of Duxbury, believes the stories helped instill a sense of adventure. Intergenerational stories anchor youngsters as part of a larger group, helping them develop a sense of identity. In a study, researchers at Emory quizzed 40 youngsters ages 10 to 14 on 20 family-history questions, such as how their parents met or where their grandparents grew up.

Those who answered more questions correctly showed, on separate assessments, less anxiety and fewer behavior problems. Parents who include in their stories descriptions of feelings they experienced at the time, such as distress, anger or sadness, and tell how they coped with those emotions by venting, reframing or calming them, help children learn to regulate their own emotions, Dr.

Fivush says. Researchers in another study asked families with to year-old children to reminisce about happy and negative experiences, then followed up two years later. Children whose parents explained negative emotions and how they resolved them had better social and academic skills. Family stories also can serve as antidotes for the pressure many teens feel to get good grades, get into an elite college and land immediately on an established career path.

A seamstress and waitress who suffered from anxiety, her mother overcame personal obstacles to attend college in her 50s and embarked on a new career as a social worker from age 60 to Blakeley says. The story inspired Dr. Blakeley to set aside her teaching career while her daughter was growing up, work from home as an editor and return to teaching in her 50s.

Write to Sue Shellenbarger at sue. All Rights Reserved. Skip to Main Content Skip to Search.Students listen once. Can students guess the punchline stop before the end. Finally, have students try to retell the story. Can they? Please Note: This product is enabled as a Digital Activity, so you can assign it directly in Google Classroom and use it to create interactive tasks for your students.

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Grade Levels. Not Grade Specific.Podcasts are in! As of Decemberthere were over 30 million podcast episodes. While there is obviously a lot out there, the best thing about the whole podcast setup is that we can tune our libraries to nicely suit our personalities and interests. A podcast is a great companion on a walk. You can get lost in a good story, chuckle away to some good comedy and find yourself through guided meditative practice too.

This is a great podcast to tune into if you love live music and enjoy songs when they are stripped down to just what makes them beautiful. Doctor Who— we mean, David Tennant hosts a fantastic podcast where he has conversations with some of the biggest names in entertainment.

Untangle is a weekly podcast that covers everything from self-compassion to meditation. It is a great accompaniment on a walk through nature or a busy street! More and more of us are looking for ways to feel more content, patient or less stressed— and this podcast is a brilliant place to start. The Untangle podcasts feature experts and everyday people. They are also relatively short and easy to digest, ranging from minutes in length… perfect for a mindful walk to the shops or a quiet walk back from dropping the kids off at school.

There are a lot of good business and work podcasts out there, but In Good Company stands out for its relaxed, informative and accessible approach. Casefile True Crime For those of us who are dangerously curious, brave and interested in true crime, look no further than Casefile. Listeners will find episode after episode of true crime stories from all over the world and throughout history.

Casefile is a great partner on long walks for people who quite enjoy things that go bump in the night! This podcast generally sticks with the facts for each case, making it a perfect listen for those of us who fancy ourselves to be a bit of a detective. Many episodes feature cases that are unsolved… so, go on, get your hat on.

This podcast will appeal to creatives and funny folk alike! English teacher Rufus and ex-wannabe writer Howard host a comedy storytelling podcast in which Rufus tries to read stories that Howard wrote as a kid. Spoiler alert. They discuss their favourite new fact of the week and listeners can expect to learn some interesting stuff.

Those of us thinking up recipes or dreaming about dinner on our walks home from work or to the supermarket should download an episode of The Splendid Table. Food writer Francis Lam takes us on a delicious journey that explores different foods, cultures and feelings! Tune in every week to learn about food and to add some delicious ideas to your belt, too. Maybe try them all out!

Many of us will feel some podcasts are better for certain walks. Try true crime podcast Casefile on a long walk so you can really get into it. Or listen to Untangle on a shorter walk back from work to destress and wind down.

Find some of your own favourites too! A Mindful Podcast Untangle Untangle is a weekly podcast that covers everything from self-compassion to meditation.This is one of the best stories with moral lessons for kids.

Once upon a time, a little kid gets home too late. He did not listen to his parents ever. He is sad and he decides to stay there all evening. He is thinking about the conflict he had with his parents. While he is lying on the bed, a red monster comes into his bedroom and looks at him.

11 Incredible Benefits of Bedtime Stories for Kids

Suddenly, the little boy sees the red monster. What does he want? The little boy is so afraid that he decides to listen to the red monster. The little boy promises to do so and go to his bed. He hopes that the red monster will leave during the night. The next day, the little boy goes into the kitchen and sees his parents. He says that he is sorry for not listening to them and promises that he will never do this ever again.

I love you! They hugged each other and lives happily. After all, the little boy does not want to see that red monster again. Tagged with: children's story with moral lessonshort story with moral lessonstories with moral lessonsstory with moral lesson for kids.A special project reaches out to those whose stories deserve to be heard despite the erosive effects of memory loss.

In many cultures, elders are the storykeepers. Recording tales that exist only in the memory of the storyteller has been a goal of folklorists and anthropologists for many decades. Story Corps is the brainchild of MacArthur Fellow David Isay, whose award-winning documentary company, Sound Portraits Productions, makes audio recordings of Americans telling their personal stories. A second booth opened at the World Trade Center site in July and a third one at Foley Square in when the World Trade Center booth was closed due to construction.

The Story Corps approach is simple and effective. A person who has agreed to be interviewed comes to a StoryBooth accompanied by a friend or relative who will do the actual interviewing. A Story Corps facilitator provides tips for the interviewer and manages the technical aspects of the recording. Afterward, the participants are provided with a CD of the interview, a copy of which is also sent to the Library of Congress for archiving. Excerpts from interviews are produced for radio broadcast as well.

While Story Corps began by collecting the stories of young and old alike, repeatedly it was elders whose relatives and caregivers brought them in to record their memories—stories of first jobs and first loves, weddings and childbirths, sad and funny stories that had been told many times or never before.

About six months after the program started, Dina Zempsky, MSW, who specializes in work with the aging, was brought on-board as the first director of the Memory Loss Initiative. And that makes it a very rich experience to be part of. Bonshahi explains the mission of Story Corps and the Memory Loss Initiative to these organizations who then reach out to their clients or residents.

However, this is typically the exception. Conducting the interviews in a familiar setting helps reduce anxiety among the interviewees.

Zempsky describes the atmosphere at those remote sessions as one of celebration. Conducting the on-site interviews for the initiative involves a great deal of preparation. An inevitable part of that preparation—paperwork—can pose a special challenge. While the actual interview takes only 40 minutes, the facilitators schedule 1 hour to accommodate participants using wheelchairs and walkers and for the time needed to complete the necessary paperwork.

Finding Facilitators It takes a person with specific abilities to interview an older adult with memory loss. The barriers that must be overcome in another type of interview may be emotional or cultural, but the challenges faced by someone interviewing an older adult with memory loss require a certain patience and flexibility that can be hard to find. Story Corps facilitators attend a class in which they become familiar with its mission and are trained in special interview techniques. However, there is no special separate training class for facilitators who go on to work with the Memory Loss Initiative.

Instead, Zempsky observes the new facilitators in the class and in the field, looking for certain key abilities.Today we have an English lesson which takes some funny English news stories and turn them into an English listening exercises to help you practice common English vocabulary words spoken by a native British English speaker.

Listening to news in English is not as simple as watching the BBC news. You might think you can just watch any old English news on TV, YouTube or listen to some radio broadcasts and that will help you learn. Listening to the news directly in English might help advanced language learners a little, but it will be a lot harder to learn like this. TV and radio broadcast presenters will speak quickly, often with multiple people speaking and can use difficult vocabulary or grammar far too advanced for a learner.

What you really want is a news story, read at the right pace, with only one clear British voice. A transcript of the story with keywords explained and spelled out for you where you can vfd capacitor failures, rewind and listen again. That is why millions of English language learners are listening to Adept English podcasts. Listen to this podcast to practise your understanding of spoken English.

So see how much of this podcast you can understand the first time through, then listen again a few more times, to see how much more you can understand on the 2nd or the 3rd or the 4th listen.

Every podcast has with it a written document, which you can read as you listen. But using the podcast this way, where you listen and see how much you can understand is good practice for real English language situations. It means that you get used to not understanding everything.

You get used to not understanding every word — but you keep listening and you try to work it out. That is a really important skill as a language learner. Anyway, funny story number one from this week. Sometimes it takes ages to go anywhere, because there are just so many cars on the roads. Especially when I travel up to the north of the country to see my family. The M6 is the motorway which takes you up the north western side of England. I hate the M6! Anyway this week, a traffic jam on the M6 with a difference.

Oh my goodness — 32, litres of gin! What a waste! Can you imagine the smell? All those lovely herbals and juniper berry aromas drifting over the M6 motorway? Nobody was hurt or injured in the accident, but there must have been a lot of frustration. The M6 is horrible at the best of times — just too many cars. But on this occasion, when the lorry crashed and spilt its load between junction 19 at Knutsford and 20, Lymm — what a lot of commotion!

A photograph of a man holding a baby you cannot tell the gender of the baby. Used to help explain English grammar she, he and they. The road was closed for 11 hours, from pm until am the following morning. Queues of traffic stretched for miles and miles, while the police tried to dry up the gin, by putting sand down on the road — or at least the fire brigade, I suspect that would be.

The motorway was closed in both directions, and there was concern for a while that the gin might ignite, might set on fire, so the fire brigade were on standby. Get it? Oh dear….! And the second funny story today — and I was shown this online by one of my daughters, before I read the news story.

People were shocked by his very, very long thumb and it does look very strange indeed. Well on your hands, you have eight fingers and two thumbs.We know a lot of the customers you read about here at Not Always Right seem to live in their own dream worlds but never is this more annoying than when any words you is karafun legal fail to get into those worlds.

And more than a few of them pay the price for their willful ignorance! Dialog Boxes Are Forever — Some people are just so negative! Inn-Experienced Dialer — Too many cell phones, not enough brain cells. Behaving With Dis-Stain — Has this person never gotten clothing wet before? The Funny Pharm-acy — Stupid problems call for stupid solutions.

We hope you enjoyed this roundup about customers refusing to listen! Want to send in your own story?

Essential ESL Skills Short Stories Bring to Your Classroom

Submit your story here! Dear readers, We know a lot of the customers you read about here at Not Always Right seem to live in their own dream worlds but never is this more annoying than when any words you speak fail to get into those worlds.

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Students listen once. Can students guess the punchline (stop before the end). Then listen again and complete the. Sep 2, - A funny story for listening. Students listen once. Can students guess the punchline (stop before the end). Then listen again and complete the. “It's a funny story, but how often do we do the same?

It seems that we have lot's to say but we are not very good at listening. Once two friends were walking down the sidewalk on a busy street during rush hour. There were all sorts of noise in the city; car horns honking. Me: “Let me stop you there. You are not listening. I want a small I Don't Think Santa. Looking for funny educative captivating short stories about Listening? this is your place! --Our best point?-- creative after reading suggestions and. This is one of the best stories with moral lessons for kids.

He says that he is sorry for not listening to them and promises that he will never do this. When he went for a meeting with the president, the president proceeded to shout but ury decided not to argue and just quietly listen to the president. He gave. These six stories can get children thinking about the many different ways to listen This hilarious book was inspired by the evil villains and innocent. Humorous Quotations About Listening, Part Three Venmo generator understand this important story, you have to understand how the telephone company.

You can also play games, print activities and post comments! Songs. Do you like listening to songs in English? Singing songs is a great way to get better.

It was like listening to fairy stories, life was so different when she was a child. In her kitchen she used to keep a It's funny how she's changed. She. Unlimited listening on select audiobooks, Audible Originals, and podcasts. The Magic Unicorn: Bedtime Stories for Kids: Short Funny, Fantasy.

Listening In: Stories [Eclair, Jenny] on All of the stories seem to have no meaning, no point and are neither amusing nor intriguing. Sorry! Listening Funny Stories. 1 like. Interest. Listening to Funny Stories and Jokes. 3 likes. Interest. Liz Kitchen returns with more songs, rhymes, stories and listening games to join in with. Today Liz is outside in a forest, in search of small animals In. FREE audio stories for kids, including fairytales, original stories, myths, poems, music, history and audiobooks all read beautifully by professional.

which includes jokes and funny short stories sometimes via technology. Humor is now a new formula in education. A good sense of humor of teachers proves. Because I keep feeling funny in the morning. upvote downvote report. This joke may contain profanity.