Making Positive Environmental Action Simple

The commercial drivers for a sustainable approach to business and pro-active environmental management are stronger than ever. Businesses are increasingly exposed to environmental regulation, whilst customers now expect to see evidence that their purchase of your product or service doesn’t have a negative impact.

Successful organisations think strategically about these issues: going beyond compliance with environmental legislation to differentiate themselves; taking advantage of financial incentives for greener behaviour; and enhancing their social license to operate by demonstrating engagement with social and environmental impacts, both in terms of reporting and mitigating impact. The most sophisticated now focus on being ‘net postive’ contributors to society.

European Environmental Markets’ deep knowledge and expertise allows us to provide clear and relevant advice on the options that align best with your business activities, strategy and needs: we support corporate sustainability strategies with advice on, and unrivaled access to, climate and development projects worldwide; we are active brokers in the EU Emission Trading Scheme, UN compliance markets, renewable energy and biomass. Through our network of technical experts we provide footprinting, reporting and bespoke project development services.

Whether you need strategic guidance or to source a specific requirement, EEM will provide you with clear advice and secure, transparent, cost-effective access to a wide range of environmental markets.

Active in Environmental Markets

European Environmental Markets are active brokers across a range of environmental markets.

  • Voluntary Emissions

    Voluntary Emissions

    We help companies fulfil voluntary emissions reductions targets by sourcing Gold Standard and Verified Carbon Standard voluntary emission reduction (VER) certificates from our broad range of climate development projects.

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  • EU ETS

    EU ETS

    We source compliance units for companies operating within the EU ETS. Meanwhile we’re developing the first true compliance spot exchange for physical transactions in EU Allowances (EUAs) and Certified Emission Reductions (CERs).

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  • Biomass


    We provide brokerage services for buyers and sellers of EN Plus A1 certified biomass products from across Europe, as well as funding the development of an electronic marketplace for immediate, secure and transparent biomass transactions.

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  • Energy, water and more

    Energy, water and more

    As sustainability reporting broadens, we help businesses achieve targets for renewable energy and water management through the procurement of Renewable Energy Certificates, Water Benefit Certificates and other environmental certificates.

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